World Class Prostitution Ring chapter 7

Going back he entered the principal room
He found Carol the same way he left her, still standing in the middle of the room
The two weights pulling on her nipples which looked like they about to burst at any given moment, and her legs squatted with the clit clamp hanging in between
Her body was covered in sweat from all the pain she felt till now
There was also a red shade almost everywhere, it seemed like she was too horny right now
“Masterrrrrrrr! Please forgive me! I won’t ever go against any of the rules”
Carol tried acting as pitifully as possible, even though she could bear the pain, the itch of not being able to masturbate was too much
She couldn’t think of anything other than her Master fucking the shit out of her
Maybe I should let her off now
“Will you ever go against the rules?”
While asking her he took out a ruler and hit it right on her nipple
“Ahhhhhhh! I don’t dare Master!”
She creamed and answered trying to make her Master believe him
“If I catch you breaking a rule the next time, I’ll disown you!”
“Ahhhhhhh! Please don’t Master! I’ll never go against you! So don’t let me go! PLEASE!”
Even though she feared pain and not being able to please herself, she couldn’t live if her Master left her
He was the reason she wasn’t dead, and she didn’t want to lose him
Carol didn’t mind killing herself, but she couldn’t bear to be left
As Edward looked at Carol who was on the brink of crying, his heart softened and a smile broke out on his face
“Silly girl, would I let you go after I trained you so hard? I never even let you serve an other man, you think I’ll let you go?”
“No Master! Even if you let me go I’ll never serve another man!!!”
Feeling quite pleased with her loyalty Edward went ahead and removed the clamps
Carol moaned everytime a clamp was removed
With how long they were left like that, it was obvious that a mark was left behind
Edward slightly squeezed her nipple which was dark red from all the torture
Being a masochist Carol couldn’t help but shout from all the pleasure she felt
Squeezing the other nipple too he went and sat down in the chair
“Call Anne into this room and lock the door!”
“Yes Master!”
Not caring that she was naked, she called Anne and told her to come to her room
After a few seconds Anne knocked on the door and entered the room
She was confused finding Edward in the principal chair, but before she could speak she was chocked finding the principal naked!
She was locking the door
Not knowing what to speak she just stood there with her mouth wide open
Enjoying her reaction Edward smiled and gave out an order
“Slave go ahead and kiss her, also try and strip her”
“Yes Master”
Without giving Anne an opportunity to respond Carol came forward and kissed her
Not letting her move away she tightly held onto her head and squeezed her tongue into Anne’s mouth
Anne who was still in shock went even further as she realized that her first ever kiss was forced on to her
And that too by a woman!
As she let go of the stunned Anne, Carol spoke in a charming tone
“Little Anne. Won’t you strip your clothes for my Master? He loves to watch sexy girls naked”
“I…….. principal you?”
Not understanding what was happening she was still in shock
Carol slapped her on the face
Her eyes were completely cold, she looked like a stone cold killer
“How dare you not do what my Master wants slut!”
Saying that Carol slapped her once again
Anne’s two cheeks were red from being slapped, she also started fearing what would happen if she rejected
Not daring to test it, she moved her hand to remove her clothes
“That’s a good girl”
While praising her, Carol lightly patted her head
From the cold eyes she went back to her normal personality. If that was her normal personality
As Anne was patted and praised, she strangely felt happy to be recognized?
Not understanding her feelings she stripped naked
As she was down to her underwear only, she once again hesitated
Unlike Carol who wore black underwear, Anne was in pure white
A white bra that held her breasts, and similar white panties
It almost made her seem like a fair and pure maiden who must never be sullied
Seeing through her hesitation Edward moved
“Strip slut!”
“I…. please?”
Not knowing why she was even begging, Anne tried to beg hoping to be freed from this room
Unlike Carol who slapped Edward didn’t use any physical violence
He was a Master of psychological games
“Are you sure you want to leave? If you want I’ll let you go”
Both shocked and happy Anne was hoping that he was speaking the truth
“Sure, you can leave right now. Go ahead and leave”
“Thank You so much”
As she tried to retrieve her clothes which she stripped
“Leave them here!”
“You can walk out of here, but with only the things you have on your body!”
With this Anne realized her naïve actions of wanting to reason with him
How could she walk out?
She had nothing but her panties and bra on her, and two red slaps on her face
If she was seen by anyone like this, she probably wouldn’t have a future anywhere
“What do you want from me!”
Finally gathering all the courage she had, Anne loudly shouted
Carol who was watching could no longer bear with Anne’s actions and hit her ass with the whip her Master used on her
“You lowly slut! How dare you question my Master! Ever disobey my Master and I’ll personally take care of you!”
Anne started shivering as she saw the cold eyed Carol, she felt like she would be tortured to death if she went against her
Seeing that Anne was still not speaking, Carol raised the whip and hit her ass once again
“Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Sorryyyyyyy!”
“Calm down Carol, she still need to be properly trained”
Slightly moving his hand over her butt which was red was being whipped, Edward spoke honey coated words
Anne felt like he was the only one who could keep her safe from the cold blooded Carol
“Yes Master!”
“So, Anne will you dare go against me? I doubt if you would want to be Carol?”
“NO no noooo! I’ll do anything Edward! Please don’t leave me to her!”
Remembering the cold eyes which looked at her like watching a dead animal Anne trembled all over from fear
“Hahahahaha sure my little Anne. I’ll train you well. The first thing you need to learn is to always call me ‘Master’ understand?”
Edward’s voice and expression turned cold towards the end of his speech
Anne who watched him started shivering, she understood that they would kill her if she goes against them
This was the moment when Anne had fallen to the lowest point of her life, and also from where she would be remade

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