World Class Prostitution Ring Chapter 6

While leaving the naked beauty in torture Edward left the principal room and headed towards the staff room

After looking at the timetable Carol gave him, he found out that his homeroom teacher was Anne the S+ ranked virgin

Thinking about how she would look, Edward increased his pace

After a few turns he finally found the staff room, knocking on the door he entered the room

There were many desks inside the room, and each desk had a name plate of the respective teacher on them

Looking through he found the desk which belonged to Anne

He didn’t even need to do that, just looking at all of their faces was enough to understand who Anne was

She was like a proud crane in a flock of chickens

Her brown hair which was just till her waist

Her breasts which weren’t too abundant, but just enough to please a man


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Dressed in a similar style to Carol, she was wearing a black suit

Just as Edward entered Anne bent down to pick up something

This allowed her ass to be shown through her tight skirt

The moment she bent down it was like all men turned animals

Even though they didn’t dare to touch her, they all looked like they would strip her naked and rape her right here

Maybe I’ll turn her into my slave

Thinking until this, Edward got angry with all the ugly gazes that were directed towards his next slave

“Ahem, AHEM!!!!!”

He tried coughing once to break the weird gazes, but it turned out useless

As he loudly coughed the second time, it was heard by everyone

Even though they didn’t care about the student himself, they couldn’t let him spread rumors about them

“Miss Anne?”


To his question she rapidly got up, causing her breasts to lightly jiggle

Without letting the men around him enjoy it, Edward quickly stepped forward and stood right infront of her to block the view

“I’m the new student, Edward. It’s nice to meet you miss Anne”

“Oh, so you’re a new student!”

Maybe it was due to her professional nature, or her maturity that she wasn’t affected by his charm

Interesting…. This one would be quite fun to remodel


“I was told to meet you before leaving for my class miss Anne”

“Oh, that’s quite alright. You can go and wait outside the class, I’ll introduce you during the homeroom”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting miss Anne”

As Edward walked out of the room, he failed to grasp that Anne who was right in front of him had a slight blush

It seemed Edward’s charm is too much for any woman

While asking around Edward walked toward his class and stood outside the room

Even though all he did was stand outside, he attracted a lot of attention

“Is he a new transfer student?”

“He’s so hot…..Should I ask him out?”

“If he joins our class it would be sooooo good!”

All the girls wanted him to be a student of their class

“God damm! Is he a fucking model!”

“Hope he’s not a member of our class!”

“Dude your gf is staring at him! Hahahaha”

In retrospect to the girls, all the boys were cursing him, and hoping that he wouldn’t join their classes

As they were discussing about him, the long bell was heard

This signified the starting of the homeroom

As Edward still didn’t enter any of the class, the girls around him didn’t want to leave for their classes

But reality was too cruel, their respective teachers scolded them and forcefully dragged them back into their classes

Miss Anne finally arrived, she was 5 minutes late to the homeroom class

It seemed like she cam running, because her face was covered slightly in sweat

Her brown hair lightly sticking onto her face, increased her charm

I’ll definitely turn her into my slave

“I’m really sorry Edward, I was caught up in a meeting so it took me sometime to come. Go ahead and enter the class, you can introduce yourself”

“Okay miss Anne”

While lightly smiling he patted her head and walked inside his class, leaving behind the stunned Anne

She couldn’t understand what just happened

Her cheeks flushed red, as she never was too close with any man

Shaking her head she went inside

“Hello everyone I’m Edward. I’ll be joining your class”

Keeping it short he just gave his name and nothing else

While the guys were boo-ing him for his apathetic actions, the girls were even more satisfied with his cool guy act

“So where shall we have Edward seated?”

While she was lightly speaking to herself, she underestimated Edward’s charm

While she was looking through the class to find a vacant seat suitable for him, a loud noise erupted shocking her

“Miss he can sit here!”

“Yes yes! He can sit with us here miss”

As she was thinking the girls arranged themselves leaving a seat in the middle of all their desks for him

They coordinated so well, that it didn’t seem to be the work of teenagers

This was how powerful Edward’s charm was


Before she could finish speaking Edward walked straight and sat down in the seat

Which guy wouldn’t want to get seated between so many cute girls?

“Fine, Edward can sit there”

As he went by himself she could no longer stop him, so Anne just went with the flow

After the classes started there weren’t many major attractions or incidents

The classes smoothly ran with no disturbance

The girls all kept glancing at Edward trying to find an excuse to speak to him

Some girls even threw their stationary near him hoping to touch his hand, when he returns them

Of course this was just a fantasy

Even before Edward could move, the other girls would take care of it

Jealousy was a very powerful thing

Since they couldn’t touch him, they wouldn’t let others touch him as well

The classes went on till the lunch break

“Edward want to have lunch with us?”

“Yes yes, we have too much food anyway”

“Please have lunch with us!”

“Sorry girls, I’ve already got plans for today. Maybe some other time”

Turning them down he walked out of the classroom, leaving the girls feeling disappointed

Time to finish her punishment


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