World Class Prostitution Ring Chapter 5

“The punishments not over slave!”

Saying that he striked with a cane once again

He brought that cane out of the same bag as the other tools

Unlike before he didn’t strike it on her ass, but straight on her asshole


With another sound he once again hit on her ass

A dark red mark appeared over her ass hole as the cane landed right on it

A god awful shriek came out of Carol’s mouth as she felt pain

But still she didn’t dare let go of her hands from her ankles

“Slave spread open your asshole to let me strike it”

“Yes Master!”

Even though she knew it would bring a lot of pain, she still followed through with her Master’s order



The moment she spread it, the cane landed leaving a dark red mark on it

As she once again shrieked out of pain, Edward threw the cane aside

“Will you dare break the rules ever again slave?”

“No Master! I’ll never break another rule!”

Satisfied with her response Edward moved his hand over her ass which was red from all the whippings she suffered

As Edward moved his hands he could feel her pussy dripping from being whipped

“What a horny slave! You dare get turned on from a punishment!”

“Sorry Master, I couldn’t control myself!”

“This calls for additional punishment”

While saying that Edward smiled and reached into the bag to bring out other tools

He took two nipple clamps, and one clit clamps

“Come here slave”

As Carol came without any resistance he reached out for her nipples and started to slowly turn the screws on the clamps

As the clamps slowly closed on the nipples, causing the tips to become engorged with blood

The tighter they got, the more agonized the look on Carol’s face became

Finally Edward stopped as her nipples looked like they were about to burst

Doing the same for her other nipples he fixed two nipple clamps tightly

After that he attached two balls each weighing 5lb onto each clamp

The moment they were added Carol screamed from the pain

Her two nipples which were already crushed due to the clamps were even more tightly pulled due to this

Not giving her time to rest he took the clit clamp and moved his hands towards her pussy

Adding the clip straight on her clitoris he let go, the ball of 5 lb’s was similarly attached to the clamp


A scream left her mouth as each of her sensitive parts was being pulled on by a clamp along with 5lb’s ball on each of them

“You’ll stay like this till I come back to see you understand!”

“Yes Master!”

While listening to her he picked up the cane he threw away before

With that he once again hit her




Three times he hit her on three sensitive places

Once on each nipple, and the last time on her clitoris

He hit the three of them which were already looking like they were about to burst from the tightness they were clamped with

“And if you dare please yourself or cum, you know what’ll happen right slave?”





An other shriek left her mouth when he striked the three places once again

“Yes Master! I don’t dare!”

“Okay then, take care. I’m going to be back when its time for lunch”

While saying that he walked out while closing the door

Inside the room was the still naked Carla with weights hanging from her breasts and clitoris

And her ass turned red from all the spankings she received

Not knowing what to do she just stood there

Fighting off the urge to masturbate, she just stood there waiting for her Master to come back as soon as possible



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