World Class Prostitution Ring Chapter 4

Carol moved her hands to unbuckle the pants and lowered them, and finally completely removed them

Doing same to his underwear she turned Edward naked below his waist


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Edward’s dick was already hard and ready to go

Standing 9” tall and pointing towards the sky, just seeing it was enough to mesmerize women into lusting for him

“Ah! NO matter how many times I see it, I can never get used to it Master!”

“Hahahahah, go ahead and feast on it slave!”

“Yes Master!”

Carol was waiting to be told that, the moment he spoke she thrusted her head forward to take his dick into her mouth

Not taking it all at once, she first began licking it from the tip to the root

While kneeling, she had both of her hands behind her back

She could only give a blowjob while moving her head, this was taught during her slave training

After applying her saliva by licking his dick, she began taking it inside her mouth

Spreading her mouth she took in the tip first

Slowly bobbing her head she began taking it in and out

As the dick went in and out, she kept sucking it like a vacuum

Not wanting to disappoint her Master she began taking the huge cock till the root

She deepthroated his dick without even gagging on it, this showed the amount of training she went through

While sucking obscene sound could be heard from her mouth

She intentionally raised her voice to let the slurping sound become more audible

“Master please cum inside my mouth!”

“Serve me well slave, maybe I will”

Saying that he held onto her head and began moving it front and back

Like he was fucking a pussy, he began humping her mouth

Instead of feeling angry or pain, Carol started moving her tongue even more fiercely

While fucking her mouth Edward finally reached climax

“Take it inside your mouth slave! Don’t let a single drop fall down!”

“Yassh Masshhterrr!”

With his dick still inside her mouth, she tried to speak the best as she could

Finally unable to bear it anymore Edward harshly pulled on her hair to not give a chance of moving away

And then he unleashed inside her mouth

“Agu, agu….”

Sound could be heard as his semen went straight down her throat, after a few seconds he finally finished cumming

As he removed his dick from her mouth, Carol opened her mouth to show all the semen inside it

Her mature face showed a slutty expression with milky white liquid inside her mouth

While mixing it with her saliva she began gulping it down not wanting to waste a single drop of it

“Thank you for the meal Master!”

“Now it’s time for your punishment. Do you know why you are being punished?”

“Yes Master, I broke the slave rule no 3”

“And that is?”

“Have my pussy always shaved and ready to be used by my Master!”

“Good! Since you understand your faults it will be easier to discipline you. Where’s the tool bag kept at?”

“It’s right below the table Master”

Just like she said below the table a black duffel bag was present

Edward took it out and opened it

Inside it were many sex tools

Ranging from nipple clamps, butt plugs, strap-ons, and many other things were inside it

“Now stand up”

“Yes Master”

As she stood up Edward began removing the tools from the bag

He took out the cat-o-nine tails first, it was made from pure leather and was black in color

“Bend over and hold onto your ankles! If you dare move the punishment will be increased!”

“Yes Master!”

While saying that she bend over and held onto her ankles, while pushing her ass to provide better access

Taking out the nine-tails he whipped it right on her perky ass


With an audible sound it landed right in her ass leaving behind 9 red marks

The sound reverberated throughout the room


Carol shrieked from pain as the whip landed on her butt cheeks

Not giving her time to rest Edward once again brought the whip and hit it continuously on her butt cheeks

One on the left and one on the right




With everytime it landed, the sound increased alongside Carol’s shrieks which were also increasing with every strike


After hitting her ass 20 times, Edward finally stopped

Her ass was completely red from all the whips that landed on her

“Thank you for punishing me Master!”

As she tried to stand up after apologizing

She stopped in her tracks as she shrieked from pain again



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