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Chapter 315 Lena’s Transformation

Regarding Li Cheng’s actions on Earth, the officials had already uncovered his identity as well as the residences of Purple Rose, Pearl, and Little Rain.

When the officials arrived at their residences, the three women were already gone. Not to mention the three women, even the walls of their residences were almost torn off.

Li Cheng had asked the Goddess of Space to teleport their rooms and take them away. If there was a speck of dust left, it would be an insult to the Goddess of Space. In some corners of Earth, a few demons that had survived had quietly hidden in the depths of Earth.

Li Cheng had also sensed these demons. Since the ancient demon king, who descended through Heartless War Soul, wanted to invade Earth, how could he not scatter some demons in his wake?

Disguise was a basic skill that all demons with high bloodlines knew. It was estimated that it would not be long before Earth descended into havoc, and the bottomless abyss’s passage to Earth would open again.

Of course, all of this had nothing to do with Li Cheng

At this time, he had already left Mage City, leaving the priests and saintesses in control of the new Mage Empire. He told Sylvia to return to her territory while he teleported to Hindley City.

Half of Hindley City had been destroyed by Li Cheng, but the reconstruction work was almost done. As for the buildings that could not be restored, they were replaced with better ones.

Just like the Mythical-grade city walls that they regarded as treasures, Li Cheng had replaced them with Immortal-grade city walls. These people were so shocked that their eyes widened in disbelief.

Li Cheng swept his gaze across the city before walking straight toward the palace.

The Zerg race hiding underground had been mostly cleared out by the players and the divine apex experts. There were also some relatively powerful Zergs that had been chased into the depths of the underground by the experts of the nine churches.

Meanwhile, Li Cheng had also entrusted a few Goddesses to fill up the underground space beneath the palace. At the very least, he did not have to worry about insects emerging from the underground while he was sleeping.

Thus, Queen Lena had officially moved into the palace. The guards of the palace still did not dare to stop Li Cheng from entering.

Li Cheng headed straight to Queen Lena’s bedroom, which was filled with a faint fragrance. Some women’s clothes could be seen.

Queen Lena was reading a lot of documents. When she heard his footsteps, she raised her head and looked at Li Cheng with her bright eyes. Compared to their last meeting, her eyes no longer seemed as cold as before. She was less hostile toward him now.

The current Kingdom of Kent was developing well. She had officially entered the role of the Queen. With the help of Ella, the Kingdom of Kent was now extremely well-organized.

Although Ella was a little silly sometimes, she had been a princess of the Profound Empire before. She had some experience in dealing with national affairs, so it was not a problem for her to guide Lena on how to handle some matters.

At this moment, Lena put down the document in her hand and asked, “Grand Duke Netherworld, why are you absent from every meeting?”

Hearing this, Li Cheng was stunned. Did this queen really consider him as her subordinate?

Thinking of this, Li Cheng did not hesitate to knock her on her head. “I’m so busy. I don’t have the time to play with you guys.”

Lena rubbed her head in pain. She snorted. “Please, watch your behavior, Grand Duke Netherworld. This is my bedroom. You can’t


Before she could finish, Li Cheng pulled her up from the table and hugged her.

Lena exclaimed in a low voice. She seemed to be frightened by Li Cheng’s action. The document in her hand fell to the ground. Then, she carefully steadied herself.

She looked at her messy queen’s gown and complained, “Don’t mess it up. I have a meeting to attend later.”

Seeing the resentful look in Lena’s eyes, Li Cheng smiled and said, “Who told you to be so rude?”

After saying that, Li Cheng simply took off the intricate crown-like accessory on her head. Instantly, her silver hair flowed down her back like water, extremely soft.

Lena sneered and said, “Hehe, can’t I say a few words to you? You should know that I’m the Queen of Kent.”

“Of course.”

Seeing her sneer, Li Cheng rolled his eyes. The familiar sneer returned. He even suspected that his sneer was invented by her.

Lena rested her weight on him. She closed her eyes slightly as her body relaxed.

It was this man who disregarded her wishes and placed the entire Kingdom of Kent on her shoulders. She initially thought that he would support her as she ruled, but she did not expect him to appear once and never appear again.

At the end of the day, Lena was just a young girl who had just come of age…

After a few minutes, Lena opened her mouth and said, “The amount of resource points that you transferred over is too much, far exceeding the upper limit of the kingdom’s population. Right now, the amount of resource points that are completely unused is up to seventy percent.”

Li Cheng touched her cheek and nodded.

The resource points that he transferred could be said to be a lot, but within the Universe Alliance, it exceeded the working population of the Kingdom of Kent.

Li Cheng thought for a moment and replied, “This is only the beginning. My plan is hundreds of times more than this. But don’t worry, very soon, a large number of people will be transported over.” Regarding Li Cheng’s plan, Lena naturally did not have any opinions. She did not ask further. “Well, then I’ll have to trouble Grand Duke Netherworld.”

Li Cheng thought for a moment and recalled some of the plots in his previous life. He continued, “Pay attention to the movements of the Binhai Kingdom and the Steel Kingdom. They aren’t as obedient as they appear on the surface, but their ambitions are not small enough to be ignored.”

“Yes.” Lena nodded solemnly. “I’ll definitely keep it in mind.”

Hearing her words, Li Cheng blinked. He was not used to this change of character.

Was this still the princess who would always say a few angry words at the first sight of him? How did she become an obedient child now?

Seeing Li Cheng’s puzzled gaze, Lena knew what he was thinking and rolled her eyes at him.

As he had said before, Lena could not marry anyone except him. He would never allow his women to marry anyone else and dig a grave for himself in the process.