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Chapter 314 Mage City Transformed into a Mage Empire

This Great Mage could feel that he was unable to use even the slightest bit of magic power.

Immediately, he widened his eyes and asked, “How is this possible?

“What on Earth did you do to me?”

Li Cheng shrugged and said casually, “Nothing much. I just prohibited you from accessing the Magic Network.” As Li Cheng’s words fell, the entire meeting room fell into a deathly silence. The faces of all the Great Mages present were filled with deep fear and panic.

To forbid mages from accessing the Magic Network meant that this group of Legendary or Mythical Great Mages would not be able to create even a small fireball.

At that time, they would no longer have the slightest bit of combat power. Any warrior would be able to kill them instantly. They might not even be able to defeat a Tier 1 soldier.

Contrary to the Mage Council, after hearing Li Cheng’s words, the priests of the Church of Magic affirmed their own thoughts. Their eyes became even more fanatical.

The Magic Network was the most important thing to the Goddess of Magic. Even the Saintess of the Goddess of Magic was not qualified to touch it.

However, Li Cheng actually had the authority to manage it? In their opinion, this was definitely authorized by the Goddess of Magic. Otherwise, who else in the universe could forbid others from using the Magic Network? If they knew that the Goddess of Magic’s authority over the Magic Network was inferior to Li Cheng’s, who knew what these people would think.

Seeing the situation, Frank let out a long sigh a few seconds later and said, “Regarding this, we can’t make the decision. We need to report it to the king.”

Li Cheng nodded slightly and said casually, “I’ll give you five minutes. You can also tell your king that if he refuses, all the Magic Networks within Mage City’s territory will be permanently shut down.”

Hearing this, all the members of the Mage Council narrowed their eyes.

If this man in front of them could say such words, then he could definitely do it. They all saw what happened to Mage City’s spatial magic.

In fact, the so-called royal family of the Mage City was just a puppet of the Mage Council. Li Cheng also understood these things, so he naturally could not be bothered to talk about life and ideals with them.

Li Cheng did not even need to guess what the Mage Council would decide. Frank’s words were just a way for him to find a way out of deciding so that the Great Mages present would have some face.

Then, Li Cheng said to the priests of the Church of Magic, “From today onwards, disperse all the current members of the Mage Council. The Church of Magic will completely take power.

“At the same time, issue a final ultimatum to those city-states. If they don’t agree, they won’t be able to use the Magic Network tomorrow. Let them do as they see fit.

“In all the city-states, the City Lord’s position and affairs must be taken over by the priests of the Church of Magic. After the city-states are integrated, Mage City will be renamed Mage Empire.”

When the priests of the Church of Magic heard this, they nodded their heads repeatedly.

Being forbidden from accessing the Magic Network, for those mages, it was worse than killing them. This was equivalent to learning to cook all your life but being banned from cooking forever. This was very uncomfortable.

Li Cheng also continued to give them a few simple instructions.

Mage City used to be an extremely loose federation. They were all scheming against each other and fighting among themselves for a little bit of resources.

When Li Cheng attacked Mage City previously, the other city-states were all watching coldly from the sidelines. They did not send out any troops at all.

If Li Cheng was at a disadvantage that time, those city-states would definitely come over to support him. The world of martial arts was not just about fighting and killing. More importantly, it was about the ways of the world.

The city-states of Mage City had countless powerful troops and black technology, but they could not display even 10% of their strength.

Regarding the above, Li Cheng naturally wanted to completely integrate them and form a true Mage Empire.

However, he was also quite speechless. The Goddess of Magic had a personality of following fate. She only guarded her own plot of land. As long as the Magic Network was not in danger, she would stay in her Divine Kingdom and never come out.

With the authority and strength of the Church of Magic, the Goddess of Magic could gather all the mages in the lost continent. This would undoubtedly be a huge force that would shake the entire world.

An hour later, Frank returned. At the same time, the rumbling sound of the system suddenly rang in the ears of all the players.

“Ding, dong! World announcement. There’s a huge change in Mage City. The president of the Mage Council, Frank, has stepped down. The position of Acting President will be taken over by Saint Almira. All players who have received missions from the Mage Council can continue with the mission. There will not be any changes. “Ding, dong! World announcement. Mage City has changed its name to Mage Empire. The relevant laws have been updated. Players, please pay attention and observe the laws of Mage Empire promptly.


“Ding, dong! World announcement. Mage Empire has withdrawn from the Kingdom of Kent’s encirclement. It has also signed an alliance agreement with the Kingdom of Kent. All countries, please pay attention.

“Ding, dong…”

As the world announcement fell, Li Cheng rubbed his sore neck. These high and mighty mages were quite smart. After being banned from accessing the Magic Network by him, they instantly gave in, just as he had expected.

At this moment, the voice of the Goddess of Magic suddenly rang in Li Cheng’s heart.

“Don’t go too far. The reason why I didn’t integrate with these mages before was to maintain absolute neutrality.”

Li Cheng had her highest blessing, so the Goddess of Magic could naturally communicate with Li Cheng through the soul.

Hearing her words, Li Cheng laughed out loud. His laughter was full of disdain.

“Absolute neutrality? “Your so-called neutrality is just a weak fig leaf. If you can conquer everyone, then what’s the point of remaining neutral? What do you think, My Goddess?”

Hearing Li Cheng’s crazy words, the Goddess of Magic fell silent as if she was too lazy to argue with him. After all, she did not have any ability to resist him, so she might as well let him be.

Hearing the system’s rumbling notification, the players were actually very calm. They were all stunned by Li Cheng’s actions on Earth. Who would care about what happened in the game?

They were all analyzing what exactly happened during the explosion.