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Chapter 310 I Advise You to Be Kind, Your Highness

The Goddess of Space and Li Cheng did not spend much time together, but she knew Li Cheng’s character very well. The man in front of her would never do anything he was not sure of.

After she gave Li Cheng her word, she gently waved her white palm.

In the next moment, a five-colored teleportation gate that kept rotating suddenly appeared in Li Cheng’s territory.

On the other side of the distant universe.

The Goddess of Magic, who was sleeping on her throne, instantly widened her eyes. She narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at the sky not far away.

In her line of sight, a teleportation portal suddenly broke open in the clear sky. Her expression instantly changed. To be able to place a teleportation portal directly in her Divine Kingdom, it was obvious who it was. In the entire universe, besides the Goddess of Space, who else could do so?

There was still some conflict between both Goddesses. Spatial magic used the rules of space. Other than the Goddess of Space, who else could directly manipulate the rules of the universe?

One of the great functions of the Magic Network was to give ordinary people the ability to mobilize the energy of the universe.

The believers of the Goddess of Space also used the Magic Network to release all kinds of spatial magic.

There were also all the teleportation arrays, portals, and teleportation spells in the world. In addition to the power of the Goddess of Space’s rules, they also needed the Magic Network to release them.

It could be said that if the Goddess of Space and the Goddess of Magic were to fall out, the believers and priests of both sides would be unable to use spatial magic at all.

However, it was a pity that the Goddess of Magic had something against Li Cheng. In their previous confrontation, the Goddess of Magic could only choose to swallow her anger. This was equivalent to receiving a hard slap on the face.

The teleportation portal appeared in her Divine Kingdom. The Goddess of Magic did not know what this spatial girl was doing.

Then, under her gaze, Sylvia’s huge body emerged out of the teleportation portal.

Sitting on Sylvia’s body, Li Cheng looked down at the entire Divine Kingdom of the Goddess of Magic. He narrowed his eyes slightly and took in everything he saw.

There were many similar places in the Divine Kingdom of the Goddess of Magic and the City of Mages. For example, the dazzling and gorgeous Mage Towers were standing there. Even the tops of the towers were emitting dazzling light.

In the Divine Kingdom of the Goddess of Magic, magic energy was extremely abundant. Every unit here would recover 10% of its magic value every second. The power of all kinds of magic, especially arcane magic, would be multiplied several times.

And the highest point in the Divine Kingdom was naturally the palace of the Goddess of Magic.

Seeing this, Li Cheng also let out a long sigh. He had served the Goddess of Magic for so many years in his previous life, but he had never been qualified to see what her Divine Kingdom was like. Now, however, he could swim freely.

A few minutes later, Sylvia slowly descended and landed. Countless petitioners had long been on full alert. At this time, they were emitting an icy aura.

The Goddess of Magic was sitting on her throne, looking down at Li Cheng. Her voice was extremely cold. “Duke Netherworld, what is the meaning of this?”

Li Cheng smiled. “Nothing much. I came to chat with Her Highness the Goddess.”

Hearing this, the Goddess of Magic sneered. She naturally could not be bothered to answer.

If it was anyone else, it was like directly entering the territory of their master without permission. This was a completely provocative act, whether in the game or in reality.

Meanwhile, Li Cheng had directly ignored the Goddess of Magic’s seemingly real killing intent. Under the gazes of countless petitioners who wanted to kill him, he and Sylvia began to admire her entire Divine Kingdom. Li Cheng looked at the scenery as he slowly commented, “I have to say, the scenery of your Divine Kingdom’s quite good. “However, there are some problems with the layout. The two sides are not very symmetrical. We have to rebuild it in the future.

“And these petitioners can actually freely enter and exit the Palace of Her Highness the Goddess. Although they’re all women, some people are very thirsty.”

Hearing Li Cheng’s casual voice, the petitioners of the Goddess of Magic blushed.

What was the palace of the Goddess of Magic like? Did she need a human to tell them what to do?

The man in front of her was not here to chat, he was here to provoke her.

Hearing Li Cheng’s words, the Goddess of Magic was naturally very confused.

In her eyes, Li Cheng was undoubtedly an extremely shrewd person. Although he had only been in the lost continent for a few days, judging by the trajectory of his life, he did not do meaningless things.

Could it be that his brain was cramping and he came over to mock her for no reason?

Thinking of this, the Goddess of Magic said coldly, “If you’re only here to say these things, you can leave now, before I kill you.”

If it was not for the Goddess of Space’s clear statement that she wanted to protect Li Cheng, he would have died thousands of times for looking down on her.

Hearing this, Li Cheng merely shrugged, not saying anything more to her. Instead, he turned around to look at her and said, “I advise you to be kind, your Highness.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Cheng’s consciousness suddenly sank, and the system notification immediately rang in his ear.

“Ding, dong! You’ve obtained all full authority of the Magic Network!

“Ding, dong! All the nodes of the Magic Network have been distributed to your map.

“Ding, dong! You’ve successfully revoked all authority of the Goddess of Magic!

“Ding, dong! You’ve successfully revoked all authority of the Goddess of Luck!

“Ding, dong! You’ve successfully revoked all authority of the Goddess of Darkness!

“Ding, dong…”

As the series of notifications from the system rang, the Goddess of Magic who originally had 99% of her privileges. However, after the system’s enhancement, Li Cheng’s privileges had reached 100%!

For example, the privileges that the Goddess of Luck and the Goddess of Darkness had obtained through the incomplete Magic Network were forcefully taken back by Li Cheng

When she heard the system notification, the Goddess of Magic’s beautiful eyes instantly widened. She stared at Li Cheng and said with a trembling voice, “What on Earth have you done?”

Li Cheng shrugged and said with a smile, “Her Highness the Goddess has been in charge of the Magic Network for thousands of years. You should be the one who’s most aware of what I’ve done, right?”

To prove it to the Goddess of Magic, Li Cheng waved his hand casually.