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Chapter 318 Xu Huan’s Location

Mo Zhu moved the mouse and arrow to the surveillance camera that had just been saved and tapped it lightly.

Two surveillance videos instantly appeared on the computer screen. One of them was a surveillance video taken by the camera in Xu Huan’s house. The other was the camera that was mentioned by Qian Jiang just now. It was the slightly old camera that coincidentally was able to capture the corner of the road.

Controlling the time to a few minutes before Xu Huan’s phone signal disappeared, Mo Zhu looked at the scene in the video and rubbed her palms nervously.

Seeing that Mo Zhu was staring at the computer screen intently, Huo Xuan, who had been quietly observing her, saw the girl’s nervousness. He gently held Mo Zhu’s sweaty hand and comforted her softly, “Xiao Zhu, Xu Huan will be fine.”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she looked up at Huo Xuan and smiled. Then, she saw something in the video from the corner of her eye. She quickly retracted her gaze and tugged at the man’s hand. “Something is wrong here.”

After saying this, she raised her hand and controlled the mouse to zoom in on the video in Xu Huan’s house.

Upon hearing Mo Zhu’s shout that something was wrong, even Mo Wu and Mo Qi put down their work and came over to take a look.

Standing quietly behind the girl, they saw through the video that around 8:30 in the morning, a man in a courier suit and a thick sunhat knocked on Xu Huan’s door.

After that, the two of them spoke through the walkie-talkie at the entrance. Xu Huan opened the door of the house for the man in his casual home clothes without any hesitation. Immediately after, the man quickly took out a bottle of spray from his pocket and sprayed it at Xu Huan twice when he was not paying attention. It happened so suddenly that Xu Huan fainted before he could dodge it.

Then, the door was closed and the phone that Xu Huan had brought with him was quickly taken care of by the person.

Upon seeing this, Mo Zhu’s eyes darkened. She tapped the screen and switched to another surveillance camera. She adjusted the video according to the time when Xu Huan was ambushed. As expected, this slightly old camera happened to be able to capture a small corner of Xu Huan’s house.

Through this video scene, everyone noticed that after Xu Huan’s house was closed, he was violently stuffed into a cardboard box as tall as half a person by the “courier” in the big truck behind him. Then, he drove the truck straight to the outskirts of the city’s north.

Staring intently at the courier whose actions were strange and slightly mysterious in the video, Mo Zhu’s fingers gently tapped the mouse as she pondered.

No matter what, Xu Huan was a man. From the video, the courier had lifted him up and placed him in the box effortlessly.

If not for special training, ordinary people would not be able to complete such a difficult action. In Mo Zhu’s opinion, there were only two possibilities to achieve the level of the courier in the video.

Either he was like her, or maybe he was born in a noble family, or he had coincidentally received guidance from an expert and learned inner force, or…

He was no longer a normal human!

When she thought of this, Mo Zhu immediately felt that the matter was even more tricky than she had imagined. Regardless of which possibility it was, it was not a good thing for Xu Huan.

She raised her hand and gently knocked on the table. Mo Zhu turned to look at Huo Xuan and said with a worried expression, “This courier is abnormal. Does the Huo family have enough people? Can you transfer some people over?” Huo Xuan placed his hand on Mo Zhu’s wrist and patted the back of her hand comfortingly. He said softly, “We have enough. If you have any instructions, just say it. In Cloud City, the Huo family has the ability to save Xu Huan.”