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Chapter 317 Surveillance Recording

After saying this, her hands did not stop moving. Not long later, she had pulled up all the video camera recordings within a few kilometers of Xu Huan’s house that was shown on the data.

A small screen filled with dense recordings appeared in front of everyone. Qian Jiang took two steps forward and stood behind Mo Zhu. He also began to observe these images seriously.

They pulled up all the videos of Xu Huan’s disappearance and the viewing speed was also increased by a few times. They did not see Xu Huan for a long time.

Mo Zhu turned to look at Qian Jiang and frowned slightly in confusion. She asked, “Director Qian, please take a closer look at the location and video information of these cameras. Which street in Cloud City have I missed?”

Upon hearing Mo Zhu’s words, Qian Jiang leaned close to the computer screen and looked at it seriously for a while. Then, he pondered for a moment and said, “Ms. Mo, you’ve found the effective surveillance videos. Other than these, we had previously placed a camera in a rather concealed location. As that equipment has been in place for many years, we haven’t connected it to it. Even if we transfer the recordings from it now at the last minute, it might not be successful. Besides, we’re not sure if the equipment is broken or if there’s enough electricity for it to function.”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she calmly took out a map of Cloud City from the materials on the table. She raised her hand and handed it to Qian Jiang. She said coldly, “Give me the general location of that camera and inform all the police officers who can be on standby to be ready to take action.”

Seeing Mo Zhu arrange everything in an orderly manner, Qian Jiang sighed silently in his heart. She was indeed Ms. Mo. Then, he casually picked up a pen from the table and quickly marked the location of the old camera he had seen in his memory. After Qian Jiang finished drawing, Mo Zhu nimbly started to operate the computer again. Strands of dense and dazzling codes instantly appeared on the screen.

Mo Zhu lowered her eyes and searched for the equipment source that belonged to that area among the countless information sources. Ten minutes later, she finally found a piece of equipment that could be connected and repaired from the many independent signals.

After decoding the source of the equipment and cracking the firewall, Mo Zhu quickly connected the source of its signal to the computer control panel of the Public Security Department’s headquarters.

In such a quiet environment, the crackling sound of the keyboard was particularly loud. Everyone followed the sound and noticed Mo Zhu’s actions that were as fast as lightning. They were all so shocked that their eyes widened and they started discussing in whispers.

“Oh my god, I didn’t expect Ms. Mo to have such strong computer skills. Look at her smooth typing speed. Doesn’t she need to think through it?”

Upon hearing someone’s words, the staff members who were in charge of managing the Cloud City’s cameras in the office quickly came to Mo Zhu’s back to observe the girl’s actions.

Unexpectedly, after looking at it for half a minute, he sighed in disbelief. “Ms. Mo is using the headquarters’ system to remotely connect to other equipment, and…”

After a few seconds of pause, the person added, “Besides that, she’s still trying to crack the surveillance cameras installed in Young Master Xu Huan’s house.”

When everyone heard this, they sighed with emotion. “This is too amazing. Look at her hand speed. Even I, a computer science graduate, am inferior to her. Besides, I heard that Ms. Mo is a high school student!”

“How did Mr. Qian know such a powerful expert? If he had invited Ms. Mo over a few days ago, the cases in Beijing might have been resolved long ago!”

At this moment, Mo Zhu was focused on decrypting the surveillance video and did not hear the discussions of the staff in the office. A few minutes later, a prompt sounded. She looked at the notification page that showed that the decryption had been successful and heaved a long sigh of relief.