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Chapter 1286 First Visit and Familiarizing

Country B, Kalucci.

Once they got off the plane, Yun Jian and Si Yi felt the most obvious difference between Country B and Country Z.

Generally, Country B was more economically backward. Its citizens did not have a high average income either. Despite it being a low income and backward country, its people lived harmoniously.

Although they had a hard life-only staying in straw huts and replacing their beddings once every ten years was already something only the richest household in the village could afford, people here helped each other.

Wealth could do a lot of things but sometimes, it could not compare to human connection.

As Yun Jian, Si Yi, Snow Eagle, and Qing You got off the plane, they saw Country B citizens who were laboring on the streets helping each other to move fruit trees.

Some of the Country B women wore headscarves while some did not. There was no rule in Country B that dictated that women must cover themselves up before they could go out.

Certain countries where the social status of women was incredibly low, girls had to cover themselves up fully, leaving only their eyes exposed, before they could head out. This was not the case in Country B.

Yun Jian, Qing You, and the men who were from Country Z were not fair like Caucasians nor dark-skinned like Country B locals. As they walked amidst the crowd in Country B, they caused a lot of people to do a double take.

Despite that, no Country B locals stepped forward to greet them.

“Sister Jian, master’s sent me the address. She isn’t here yet but she’s asked for us to go over first and settle down at the place the organizer has prepared,” Qing You told Yun Jian upon receiving Snake.Lizard’s message.

Qing You’s talent was recognized by Snake.Lizard in Gu Sha Mercenaries and her poisoning techniques were personally taught by the latter as well. Hence, it was Snake.Lizard whom she was referring to when she said master.

“Okay.” Yun Jian nodded.

The four of them then departed to said reception place. The guesthouse was provided by the organizer of this mafia tea party.

Yun Jian, Si Yi, Snow Eagle, and Qing You had arrived two days earlier. The gathering would only start two days later. Anyway, they could already check in to the accommodation the organizer had provided them with.

After all, there was no hotel in a backward country like Country B; forget a place to stay. This reception guesthouse was a considerably luxury apartment that the organizer had built here.

It took some time for them to do it. After all, the structure of the apartment was built according to the standard of a five-star hotel and the interior, décor, as well as the soundproofing ability, were top notch. Once they entered the place, a reception staff at the counter passed them four room keys. Since the guests of this gathering were globally famous big shots, Yun Jian and company did not even have to state their identities to the front desk to obtain the keys.

There were four rooms but only three would be needed. Si Yi did not even go to the room he was allocated but had shamelessly gone straight to Yun Jian’s room.

The service was excellent as there were hot springs provided in the apartment.

Yun Jian wanted to have a soak while Si Yi was uninterested without Yun Jian by his side since the hot springs here were separated into men’s and women’s.

Changing into her swimsuit and draping a cover-up over her, Yun Jian went to the hot spring for women. She had another purpose in mind, that was to probe and find out which internationally ranked figures were attending this tea party.