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Chapter 1283 Should She Come Clean?

Yun Yi had contemplated for a long time before finally deciding to ask the question. He had wanted to ask a long time ago if Yun Jian was his biological younger sister.

It was close to a year. Since the day his sister had changed, it had been nearly a year now.

What did his younger sister used to be like? Timid, weak, incapable.

What about his younger sister now? She shone blindingly and was intimidatingly capable. There was also each and every thing that happened after that.

In the beginning, Yun Yi had just assumed that his younger sister had changed; she had just hidden her timid and weak character. However, all that Yun Jian did after that made him doubt


Despite that, Yun Jian had not looked any different, so Yun Yi did not suspect a thing at first.

Until today, though, after spending almost a year together, one could hardly change this much no matter how massive the change was!

Yun Yi had planned to wait until Yun Jian would tell him on her own but to this day, he could no longer bear to wait!

Questioned abruptly by Yun Yi, it took Yun Jian aback for a bit. She pressed her lips at the sight of the former’s questioning eyes.

She had never concealed herself in front of Yun Yi and Qin Yirou because she had not planned to hide anything in the first place. She planned to tell them the honest truth as long as they asked.

Despite that, Yun Jian felt that she had been wrong when she looked at Yun Yi’s nervous expression.

Perhaps she did not truly see Yun Yi and Qin Yirou as her family in the start, so she had been fearless then. She even thought that she could just leave if she was exposed to be the fake Yun Jian.

As Slaying God, she was as much a nomad as she was homeless. She lived a carefree life and was never tied down by any worldly matter.

It was just that Yun Jian had never thought that she would be tied to Yun Yi and Qin Yirou through the word “family”. As time went on, she found herself more reluctant to say that she was not Yun Jian.

This day had still come, nonetheless. Yun Yi had raised the question. Yun Jian looked down before she looked up to meet Yun Yi’s eyes for his questioning and told him openly, “Yes, I’m not your biological younger sister, Yun Jian.”

She was not going to lie anymore.

If Yun Yi hated her after finding out, if he told Qin Yirou the truth and they chased her away after finding out, she would leave immediately with Yun Zhu. She could get over it.

Seeing how straightforward Yun Jian was in coming clean, Yun Yi was dumbstruck, like a bolt of lightning hit him.

Even when he was already mentally prepared when he raised the question, he was still stunned when he actually heard the words.

“You’re not Xiao Jian… Then you—I mean where did my real sister go? Why are you here? Why did you replace my sister?” Yun Yi asked a series of questions.

He paused and his tone slowed down. If one were to hear him closer, though, one could hear the hoarseness and involuntary shakiness in his voice. He asked the last question, “Then… Who are you?”

Yun Yi’s emotions felt as if they went through a rollercoaster ride as his heart clenched.

His younger sister whom he had grown up with had become someone else. One who had never experienced it would never understand what it felt like.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together and paused looking at Yun Yi. Through the latter’s anxious questioning, she answered his last one directly, “I’m a secret agent from an international underground organization. I go with the nickname Slaying God and I used to work under the world’s top assassin organization, An Hun.”