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Chapter 1282 You’re Not My Biological Younger Sister

Si Luo had unexpectedly cried listening to Snow Eagle and that made the latter panic, scrambling to wipe her tears.

To be honest, it was his first time doing something like wiping a girl’s tears. In the past, he was the most put off by girls who were crybabies.

Si Luo felt different. For some reason, her tears made Snow Eagle panic. It was like something he treasured the most had suddenly cried. With the girl’s mint fragrance wafting into his nose, he felt like he was losing his mind.

Snow Eagle could not help stretching his hand out to move Si Luo’s hand that was rubbing her eye away and use his other hand to gently wipe the tear off the corner of her eye.

Seeing Si Luo’s tears fall so rapidly, Snow Eagle scrambled to ask softly, “What is it? Are you feeling unwell somewhere?”

The question only caused Si Luo to cry harder.

She wanted to stop her tears but she had no control over them. She asked Snow Eagle in a sob, “Why…why you poor thing—your family doesn’t want you anymore? Did they cause your injury? It must have hurt, mustn’t it?”

Si Luo put her delicate hand lightly over Snow Eagle’s neck as she spoke. Even though she was scared of the terrifying scar on his neck, she looked past it to ask while she cried.

She was not pretending. The eyes of someone genuinely sad could not possibly be this pure. This was the first time Snow Eagle met a girl who cried so much.

Initially, she flinched so much when she was scared of him and was going to cry as she did not want to go back with him. Now that she heard his slightly sad background story, she cried nonstop.

Snow Eagle had no idea how to comfort her, so he wrapped her in a hug and stroked her back, saying softly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. Stop crying.”

Si Luo’s heart thumped when she was suddenly pulled into a hug by Snow Eagle and she actually stopped crying. The feeling was unfamiliar.

Si Luo had never gone to school. She was adopted by her adoptive parents since she was a child and was locked at home to labor away. No one taught her, so she did not even know the difference between male and female.

The physical reaction she had now made her stop crying as she lifted her hands but had no idea where to put them. She was frozen on the spot and was stunned. No one had ever hugged her like this since she was a child.

Whoever it was, people only beat her up and scolded her when she was younger. Be it children or adults, they despised her and said that she was dirty with all sorts of germs on her since she was always laboring. No one was willing to go closer to her.

Si Luo was thoroughly stunned.

Snow Eagle did not expect that he would hug Si Luo either but the faint mint fragrance that came from the girl almost made him reluctant to let go.

No one knew all that had happened here. Currently, Yun Jian and Si Yi were sleeping on the same bed but nothing happened.

With someone he loved sleeping next to him, Si Yi had only had his fill of feeling Yun Jian without doing anything more. Both of them slept early as they were going to depart for the tea party the next day.

They woke up early in the morning the next day. Qing You was going to go with them while she left Gu Nian in Longmen City by herself.

As for Lin Wei and Mo Sen, Si Yi had sent them back to An Hun Group. Snow Eagle would go together to the tea party with Si Yi.

Once Yun Jian got up, Yun Yi called her to the garden outside of the mansion. She knew that Yun Yi had come over because Qing You was going on the trip with her.

As expected, Yun Yi asked Yun Jian once he saw her, “Yun Jian, where are you guys going?”

Yun Jian had just said that they were leaving for a trip but did not say where to. She looked down before blinking at Yun Yi and did not go into the details. “Ge, we’ll be back soon.”

“Xiao Jian.” Yun Yi suddenly interrupted Yun Jian but kept quiet and hesitated for a long time. He ultimately looked up at her and gritted his teeth before asking, “I have something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now. You’re not my biological sister, Xiao Jian, right?”