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Chapter 1014 Swallowed

The soldering iron was imprinted on the old master’s chest, and the scissors fell on his hair. In a short while, all kinds of marks appeared on his body.

Scalded, bitten, punched… and even pricked by needles.

Taoist Master Guanglun really could not sing anymore.

They stood there awkwardly.

“That vengeful spirit doesn’t want us to save the master, does it?” Yuan Changzi asked.

He could capture a soul, but… he did not know what was the story behind it! “I don’t think so.” Xie Qiao shook her head, “The master of this house is very lecherous. When he was alive, he caused the death of someone. I suspect that he has some strange fetishes, that’s why he tortured a woman to death. Now that he’s dead, he’s just being tortured by someone else.”

Yuan Changzi sighed. “When will there be an end to this?”

Xie Qiao looked at him with a complicated gaze.

“She died tragically. It’s understandable for her to vent a little.” Xie Qiao looked at this scene and her mood was serene. “However, there’s no debts without creditors. There were innocent people who died in this house later on. That’s a little different.”

Yuan Changzi did not know much about this house, so he was also observing at this moment.

After a while, the brides were hung on the tree like torn dolls. The wind blew, and they fluttered.

And under the tree, there was actually a banquet.

Many ghouls began to congratulate the master on his marriage. Glass after glass of wine was stuffed into the master’s stomach.

Yes, it was stuffed, not drunk.

As the stomach was dug open, the wine was poured in.

The impact of the scene was quite strong. Xie Qiao and the others still did not move. Soon, they did not need to sing anymore. After a while, there was a fierce knock on the door.

Xie Qiao knew that this was still an illusion.

Although the Taoist masters around her had cultivated before, they could not see the ghouls directly. However, now that they could see, it meant that they were still in a dream.

The door opened, and many people barged in.

They wanted to find the bride.

However, there were too many brides, and they could not tell which one was the real one.

Those outsiders looked at Xie Qiao and the others.

“Are they asking us to find her?” Xie Qiao was a little speechless. “This is troublesome. They’re all in heavy makeup. Who knows which one is the real one?”

However, as soon as she finished speaking, Zhao Xuanjing walked over and pointed at one of them. “This one.”

Xie Qiao was dumbfounded. “Why?”

Yuan Changzi and the others did not understand either.

They were in the same place just now, and everything they saw was exactly the same. How could this nobleman be so sure about who the bride they were looking for was?

“When we were watching the show, she was the only one who smiled, even though her smile was uglier than crying,” Zhao Xuanjing said disdainfully, “The other brides were expressionless when they tortured this man. Only she didn’t dare to come forward. She was a little scared, and her eyes were filled with fear.”

Xie Qiao frowned slightly.

After thinking about it carefully, it seemed that it was true. At that time, this ghoul was holding a candle and dripping wax oil on the master’s body…

After dragging the bride out, the people who barged in were all delighted.

Just as they were about to take the bride away, a mouth suddenly appeared in midair. With a howl, it actually swallowed the ghoul! Chew, chew, chew. Fresh blood dripped like raindrops, dripping onto the bodies of those people.


Although it was an illusion, Xie Qiao was really disgusted.

After chewing, the scene changed, and they returned to the scene when they had just entered the house.

The steward had come and they were going to be asked to sing again.

“What is the meaning of this? Does this vengeful spirit want us to watch the bride being found and then eaten?” Yuan Changzi had a headache.

Xie Qiao thought for a moment and looked at the steward. She said, “I’ve just entered the house and heard that Madam is celebrating a joyous occasion. I have some small gifts to give to her. I wonder if you can spread the word and introduce us?”