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Chapter 1013 Divine Song of the Human World

It was an illusion, or it could be said that it was a dream. It was not real, but after entering, it was very difficult to leave!

There were not many vengeful spirits who could have this kind of ability.

“What are you all standing here for?! The master invited you here to sing and celebrate his birthday, not to enjoy the scenery here!” Suddenly, a steward appeared out of nowhere and shouted at the six people This steward’s feet… did not touch the ground and his face was pale. It was obvious that he was not human.

At this moment, they could not take action directly. They listened to the steward and walked into the courtyard.

There were lanterns and streamers everywhere, and a lot of red silk was hung.

“Is your residence holding a wedding?” Xie Qiao asked.

The steward glanced at her. “What? You want to be a bride? I’m afraid not. Although you smell good, your face is too old. My master doesn’t like it, but my master would accept this young brother.”

Zhao Xuanjing chuckled with a gloomy face.

“Are there many brides here?” Xie Qiao asked shamelessly.

“You talk so much!” The steward looked disgusted. “My master has a lot of money. It’s just a few more wives. What’s the big deal? You guys should talk less and do more!”

Xie Qiao was silent for a while.

There were a lot of ghouls in the house, but it was hard to say who was the master and who were the servants.

According to the guard, the woman that the master had abducted from the house was dead.

The master was also dead. There was also the master’s wife. She died with a baby in her belly. The death was even more tragic.

These three people might have a lot of resentment after they died and become the masters of the ghouls in the house.

However, the possibility of the old master being the master here was not high.

After all, this person died last. In a short while, they were brought to a room. They were going to change their clothes and perform on stage.

They heard that the old master and the others were already prepared to watch the show.

The few Taoist masters looked at each other. Yuan Changzi said, “This penniless Taoist master doesn’t know how to perform… Master Mo, this place is filled with ghouls. Why don’t we take action directly? What do you think?”

“We can attack directly, but since the ghouls have arranged this illusion, if we don’t follow the steps of the illusion, the power of the illusion will be even greater. I think we have to break the illusion first and return to reality before we can attack,” Xie Qiao said.

Yuan Changzi sighed.

In fact, he also knew that in the illusion, even if they attacked, they probably would not be able to hit the ghoul who had arranged the illusion.

Only when they returned to reality would they be able to take action.

However, he really did not know how to sing… Yuan Changzi looked miserable, but Taoist Master Guanglun was very calm. He changed into his costume. “This penniless Taoist master will sing. You can just stand behind with your things.”

Taoist Master Guanglun was quite fast. He changed his clothes in a flash.

He looked quite decent.

Xie Qiao had good reasons to suspect that this Taoist master was not decent in private.

Xie Qiao and Zhao Xuanjing also changed their clothes and went on stage.

Below the stage, Xie Qiao saw… a master and a dozen brides.

Those brides wore the same makeup and bright red wedding clothes. They looked very strange and scary. Taoist Master Guanglun was very calm. He could still sing in such a situation.

The only thing was that their voices were rough, dry, and unpleasant.

However, the people below were listening very attentively, as if they had heard a peerless divine song.

While they were singing, the scene below the stage changed. It turned into a ridiculous hell.

The old groom was tied up, he was standing on a brazier. There were ten brides. Some had soldering irons in their hands, and some had scissors. They started to attack the old man.

“Ah-” The old man’s scream was creepy.