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Chapter 1012 The Abilities of the Ancestors

As for how to abolish cultivation, that required another kind of ability.

After Xie Qiao had a general understanding, she said, “I believe that everyone has heard about what happened yesterday. If it’s possible, let’s go into that house to take a look today?”

“Of course, of course,” Yuan Changzi said with a smile.

Xie Qiao paid for the waiter to send some good food over. After they ate together, they walked to the house.

Zhao Xuanjing’s bodyguard had already bought the house. He was also waiting outside the house with an expectant look on his face.

Zhao Xuanjing was also there.

The four of them were shocked when they saw Zhao Xuanjing, and their attitude immediately became much more respectful.

They had seen this nobleman before. They had even applied cow’s tears on his eyelids back then. Whether it was back then or now, they could see that the person in front of them looked extremely noble. Taoist Master Guanglun could even see the aura of an emperor. He was even more careful.

“I’ll go in with you,” Zhao Xuanjing said after approaching Xie Qiao nodded. “Okay, take care of yourself.”

Taoist Master Guanglun’s heart twitched.

Yuan Changzi was also a little surprised. “No, it’s not good, right? I don’t know what dangers are in here. This young master isn’t a Taoist master. If something happens…”

Zhao Xuanjing’s hand brushed past his waist.

Yuan Changzi subconsciously looked over and was stunned.

He was really… rich and noble.

Xie Qiao also saw it.

There was a row of things hanging on his waist. There were talismans that she had given him, there were many… There were also some dharma instruments and things like the peach wood sword that she had given him. In addition, there were two old and expensive pendants hanging on his waist that she had never seen before.

Seeing Xie Qiao’s eager eyes, Zhao Xuanjing said with a smile, “It’s nothing. I searched my father’s private vault last night and found these two evil-warding objects. They should be useful, right?”

As he spoke, he took one of them and hung it on Xie Qiao’s waist.

The one hanging on Zhao Xuanjing’s waist was a yellow dragon jade token.

The one given to Xie Qiao was a round eight trigram jade token.

It was really… good stuff. It was so good that Xie Qiao’s eyes were wide open. “Your family… is really rich.”

“It’s just the ability of my ancestors.” Zhao Xuanjing sounded humble, but the five Taoist masters, including Xie Qiao, were jealous.

Their ancestors… did not have the ability?

These two jade tokens were not dharma instruments, but they naturally had the ability to restrain ghouls. Firstly, it was because these two jade tokens were ancient jade that had been around for a long time and had abundant luck. Secondly, it was because this thing had been carried by several emperors…

“Since we have these things to protect us, I think… We can save our lives,” the Taoist masters said bitterly.

“Then let’s go.” Zhao Xuanjing looked much braver than the Taoist masters.

Yuan Changzi felt a little helpless. He always felt that he was an errand boy. This nobleman had a confident look on his face, as if he knew how to capture souls better than them. He felt alright, so he walked in obediently.

As soon as they entered the house, they immediately felt that things were different.

They had come early today. It was when the sun had just risen.

However, when they entered, they instantly felt as if the scene of them talking outside was like a dream…

It was like night in front of them. The house was not rundown, and it was very prosperous.

“This scene… isn’t right. The vengeful spirits here aren’t ordinary. They actually pulled all of us into an illusion!” Taoist Master Guanglun also thought that it was incredible.