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Chapter 631 As Long As You Want It

Su Yayan could tell at a glance, but she didn’t expose him. She had to suppress her laughter.

Just as Su Yayan had said, there were many young people at the Lantern Festival. There were a few girls and boys who came together, as well as couples who came together. There were men, women, young, and old, but there were more single men and women.

Because of this, many stalls set up a segment where couples won prizes in competitions. It gave some young people who had a crush on each other but were unable to open their mouths an excuse to form a team at the last minute. This really created a lot of good karma.

Su Yayan and Huo Chenhuan were walking ahead with lanterns when they heard a commotion not far away.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that there was a stall doing activities. It wasn’t a special event, just shooting balloons.

The more balloons the ten bullets hit, the greater the reward.

Most of the prizes were small lanterns that were quite different. The highest prize was a very beautiful lotus flower lantern. It was very big, and there were silver thread patterns on the petals. If one could light it in the river and reflect it with the rippling water, it would definitely be very beautiful.

When Su Yayan saw the lotus flower lantern, her eyes were unfocused. Huo Chenhuan’s eyes flickered and he pulled her towards it.

“You…” Su Yayan was stunned for a moment before she stumbled after Huo Chenhuan.

When the stall owner saw the two of them, his eyes lit up and he took the initiative to ask, “Do the two of you want to try?”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at him and went straight to the point. “The first prize is that lotus flower lantern?”

“That’s right, but you have to hit all ten shots.”

“Okay.” Huo Chenhuan nodded. After confirming the reward, he immediately bought the second set of bullets.

Su Yayan finally reacted. She tugged at Huo Chenhuan’s shirt and asked softly, “What are you doing? This game is very tricky.”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at her and smiled. “You like that lotus flower lantern.”

“Are you going to get me whatever I like?”

“As long as you want it, I’ll get it for you.”

It was undeniable that Su Yayan had been hit by someone’s sugar-coated bullets. She was stunned.

By the time she realized what had happened, Huo Chenhuan had already started shooting balloons.

This balloon shooting activity might seem simple, but in fact, those who had never touched the wooden warehouse would find it difficult to find the target from the start. Furthermore, many of the balloons on the interface were deliberately inflated to a small size, imperceptibly making it difficult for customers.

Previously, there were already quite a few people who had tried it. There were quite a few who could hit it, but none of them could hit all ten shots.

Huo Chenhuan and Su Yayan were good-looking, so they attracted a lot of attention the moment they arrived.


However, at this time, many people were only attracted by their appearance. They believed that this was another fat sheep who was foolish and rich to please his girlfriend.

However, they were soon slapped in the face.

Huo Chenhuan stood upright. Even though he was holding a wooden toy, he still gave off an imposing aura.

Typically, in such a situation, it was either to act cool on purpose or to show off that he had no strength, or that he had really played before.

Huo Chenhuan was obviously the latter. He was very fast and didn’t need to aim.

While everyone was in a daze, he had already shot out five to six shots and hit them all!

Only then did the crowd around him snap out of their daze. Even the stall owner was shocked.

However, before this, it wasn’t as if no one had started off well. In the end, it was normal to lose a few rounds.

The stall owner quickly adjusted his expression and followed the crowd to watch Huo Chenhuan nervously, waiting for his last few shots.