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Chapter 630 Don’t Lose Her

After the family had dinner, Qin Xueru suddenly said, “You young people shouldn’t stay at home all the time. There’s a Lantern Festival at the market tonight. Yanyan, bring Chenhuan out for a walk to broaden your horizons.”

“Lantern Festival?” Huo Chenhuan was curious.

Su Yayan’s eyes lit up. “Yes, there’s a Lantern Festival today. The Lantern Festival is a very lively event here. Many single boys and girls will attend it. If they meet a boy or girl they like at the Lantern Festival, they will hand over their lanterns. If they like you, they will accept your lanterns.”

Huo Chenhuan’s face darkened at her words. What Lantern Festival? It was clearly a large-scale blind date!

Su Yayan turned around and saw that his expression was still a little puzzled. She recalled what she had just said and reacted quickly. “Actually, it’s not just single men and women. Many couples will attend as well. There are many shows at the Lantern Festival. We can go to the moat to light candles on the river and make a wish. We can also watch fireworks on the hill. It’s very fun.”

Su Yayan stared at Huo Chenhuan as if to say, “Go, go, I want to go!”

Huo Chenhuan couldn’t take her plea and he nodded in the end.

Qin Xueru, who was watching by the side, was enjoying the show. She smiled and said, “Don’t listen to Yanyan’s nonsense. Although there are many young people at Lantern Festival, there are also many old people and children. When Yanyan was young, she loved to make a fuss so that her Grandpa would bring her out to play. Once she reached Lantern Festival, she would have fun. There are many people at Lantern Festival, so Chenhuan has to hold Yanyan’s hand properly. Don’t lose her.”

Su Yayan shouted angrily, “Aunt Qin! I’m not a child anymore!”

Qin Xueru could not help but laugh and said perfunctorily, “Yes, yes, yes. You’re not a child anymore.”

Huo Chenhuan chimed in and held Su Yayan’s hand tightly. “Don’t worry, I will hold her hand and not lose her.”

“Alright, go, go.” Qin Xueru said as she pushed the two youngsters out of the door.

The Lantern Festival was not far away from the Cheng residence. They would arrive within ten minutes of walking. As they walked side by side, they could see the rows of beautiful lights from afar.

“Did you come here often with your grandfather when you were young?”

“Not very often, just once or twice. There will be fireworks at the Lantern Festival around eight or nine o’clock. I like to watch fireworks. Every time I hear the commotion here, I will make a fuss and come over to play. There will be many people at the Lantern Festival, so my grandpa is naturally worried about a little girl like me running around. He could only reluctantly bring me here himself.”

Su Yayan missed that period of time and felt a little regretful. “When Grandpa got older, Uncle and the rest were worried that there would be too many people at the lantern festival. It would be easy for people to bump into each other. It was really inconvenient for the two of us, so we weren’t allowed to go.”

Huo Chenhuan’s heart softened and he promised in a low voice, “I’ll accompany you in the future.”

“Of course you will need to accompany me. Otherwise, would you let me come alone?”

Huo Chenhuan immediately understood what she was implying, and he tightened his grip.

It was impossible for him to let her attend such a large-scale matchmaking event on her own. It would never happen in this lifetime!

The area around the lantern festival was decorated with beautiful colored lanterns. There were also people selling colored lanterns everywhere.

Su Yayan and Huo Chenhuan bought two animal-shaped lanterns, a little rabbit and a little tiger.

This seemed to be Huo Chenhuan’s first time coming into contact with such a cute little thing. It was awkward to hold it in his hands, but at the same time, it was a little novelty for him.