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Chapter 2925 Spare Her Some Dignity

“Even… Even if Yujie really had those feelings, since she’s never spoken of them, that makes her a child who won’t let us worry. It’s clearly something that never happened, so how could you force her away based on your imagination!” Mrs. Jiang fumed.

Mr. Jiang’s eyes were bloodshot. “Sorry… Sorry… I… I regret it too. If… If there’s a chance to rewind time, I…”

“Stop…” Mrs. Jiang cried. “There’s no ‘if… You’ve already hurt her. Yujie’s so kind. She only wants us to be well. If others treat her with kindness, she’d repay them with kindness ten times back. But what did you do to her! What have you done to her!” “Mom.” The kitchen door opened suddenly.

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang turned in a panic, only to see Jiang Huaizhou standing by the door with a dark expression. “What are you talking about? What did Yujie do to save me?” Jiang Huaizhou stood by the door, looking at them.

The Jiang parents froze, both unable to speak.

They couldn’t even find a suitable excuse at this moment.

“Tell me, what exactly did Yujie do?” Jiang Huaizhou asked. “I’m actually curious too. How did she find the evidence? I asked her and she said she employed others’ help, but she refused to tell me the details.

“Every time I raised this topic, she’d change the subject, thinking I won’t notice. I didn’t press her seeing that she doesn’t want to speak of it, and there was bound to be an appropriate time to find out.

“So, the reason she wouldn’t say it, is it because of this sacrifice she made?”

His parents remained silent. Jiang Huaizhou urged, “What did she do for me!”

Mrs. Jiang moved her lips. “She won’t let us say it. Huaizhou, Yujie’s always been concerned about how you see her, so she didn’t want to let you know. Can you not… not ask anymore? You not knowing anything is the best for her. Otherwise… she couldn’t face you anymore.”

“It’s to the degree that she can’t face me? What did she do? You can’t decide what’s best for her. She’s most concerned about how I see her, but what if I won’t change my views no matter what she did? Then what’s the point of hiding it from me?”

Jiang Huaizhou asked, “Is she going to avoid me forever because of this?”

Conflict played across Mr. Jiang’s face

He gritted his teeth in determination then spoke, “The one who framed you was Lu Qiyuan. So, the evidence’s with him.”

“Stop talking!” Mrs. Jiang panicked.

This was Jiang Yujie’s instructions, to not let Jiang Huaizhou know no matter what.

Thus, Mrs. Jiang couldn’t get it past her teeth.

It’s a matter of Jiang Yujie’s pride!

So what if Jiang Huaizhou wouldn’t change his opinion of Jiang Yujie?

What she cared about was Jiang Huaizhou not knowing about it.

“Yujie doesn’t want us to say it! Please, think about Yujie! Spare her some dignity, would you?” Mrs. Jiang sobbed.

Mr. Jiang’s lips moved as he felt unsure.

Jiang Huaizhou said gently, “So she approached Lu Qiyuan? What did she do to get the evidence?

“Mom, please, tell me. If you don’t say it, I’ll never know what Yujie sacrificed for me. I’ll never know how much I owe Yujie.”