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Chapter 2923 Which Thoughts of Yours?

She had sacrificed so much to save Jiang Huaizhou.

Yet now, she’s alone in a foreign city.

“Even if she really encountered any problem there, she wouldn’t tell me.” Mrs. Jiang sniffed.

Mr. Jiang remained silent, and Mrs. Jiang found him strange. “Why aren’t you speaking?”

“Actually…” Mr. Jiang could barely spit out the words. “Actually… it’s better for Yujie to go out and explore rather than stay at home.”

Mrs. Jiang put down the knife in her hand and turned to face him. “What do you mean? Why are you saying this all of a sudden? It’s fine for Yujie to stay here because no one knows what she did. It doesn’t matter if she left or not. You… you actually prefer that she’s alone outside? Even if she wanted to leave, there’s still T City and J City, which are nearer to B City. Why does she have to go so faraway?”

Mr. Jiang hung his head, beaten, and twisted his fingers. “Actually… Actually, I think… the children are all grown up. They don’t have to be by our side constantly. She wants to explore the world. That’s not a bad thing, right?”

“It’s not a problem for her to go away for the sake of her future and career opportunities. But the problem now is, did Yujie go away for career opportunities? Frankly, the places with the most opportunities are B City and S City. There are plenty of job opportunities here, people in need of multiple talents. Otherwise, youngsters from around the country wouldn’t have come to these two places to develop their careers.

“We’re natives in B City. Given such convenience, there’s no need for her to work extra hard like other youngsters to help with their living expenses. It’s best to work in our own city. If this wasn’t the case, Yujie would have gone out far earlier. Did she have to wait until now?

“Why exactly did Yujie leave? Do you not have a clue?” Mrs. Jiang said, disappointed. “How is it better to let her leave with such a reason and in such a mood!”

To put it plainly, every parent would love only their own child.

Perhaps because Jiang Yujie wasn’t Mr. Jiang’s daughter by blood…

He could say such words.

Mr. Jiang hung his head, silent.

“Are you keeping anything from me?” Mrs. Jiang asked, displeased.

Mr. Jiang kept quiet.

Mrs. Jiang sighed heavily, then took a deep breath before saying, “When Yujie called, she asked me not to tell you her whereabouts, afraid you’ll tell Huaizhou.”

Mrs. Jiang paused before continuing, “But I feel that’s not her real reason. Is there something I don’t know? Why won’t she let me tell you?”

Mr. Jiang froze, his face one of disbelief.

“She… She…” Mr. Jiang couldn’t get the words out, his chin trembling.

“You know the reason?” Mrs. Jiang stared unblinkingly at him. “I… I don’t know…” Before Mrs. Jiang’s glare, Mr. Jiang wilted. “But I have a hunch.”


Because of his guess, Mr. Jiang had been feeling extremely guilty.

He didn’t dare lie to Mrs. Jiang at this time and confessed, “I… I don’t know if Yujie noticed it. But thinking about it, Yujie’s always been sensitive to others’ thoughts, especially caring about their feelings, so she could have noticed my thoughts.” “Which thoughts of yours?” Mrs. Jiang inhaled deeply. “The child has always been like this.”