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Chapter 84: The Warning That Elder Ning Had Given Him

The moment the notice of the chamber of commerce was released, the entire city was in an uproar.

Elder Ning’s action was undoubtedly to protect Ning Dai. At the same time, it also made Second and Third Uncles give up and watch as Ning Dai became the largest shareholder of the Ning Corporation.

While they were frustrated, Mo Jiancheng also met with Elder Ning’s assistant.

“10% of the shares is not a small amount. Please go back and tell Elder Ning that this…”

“There’s nothing to say.” The assistant shook his head firmly. “President Mo, this is not a discussion with you.”

Mo Jiancheng was speechless.

He finally understood that this was a warning given to him by Elder Ning. Forcefully buying 10% of the shares was only a small punishment.

After sending the assistant away, Father Mo thought for a moment and immediately issued a notice.

The Mo family and Shen Jun had broken off!

When Shen Jun learned that it was Mo Jiancheng who had personally sent the news, she fell into complete despair and fainted on the street.

In the villa, Ning Dai took the share transfer contract from her assistant and was so touched that she took a deep breath.

“Grandpa is protecting me.”

“Yes.” Mo Chen held her hand and his eyes were filled with affection.

It was her fortune to have such a good grandpa.

“I’ll give these shares to you.”

Ning Dai thought for a moment and passed the share transfer contract to him. She smiled and said, “I don’t want the shares of the Mo family.”

To her, these shares were just numbers of profits. They didn’t have any special meaning, but to Mo Chen, they were completely different.

He was a member of the Mo family. Having shares proved his status.

Mo Chen nodded silently. He didn’t refuse.

He knew who treated him well. He had real power in his hands, which would allow him to protect her better.

During dinner time, Mo Jiancheng came back for the first time. When he saw Ning Dai pushing Mo Chen out, a rare warm smile appeared on his face.

“Ah Chen, come and sit here. I remember that you like black truffle custard the most. I specially asked the kitchen to prepare it.”

Mo Chen didn’t say anything. He pursed his lips and pushed the wheelchair to sit across from him.

He lowered his head to eat, but Mo Jiancheng didn’t want to let him go. He handed the custard to him again.

“Come, try it.”

The hot custard made Mo Chen’s face even colder.

“Thank you.”

After saying these two simple words, he continued to eat the food that Ning Dai had given him. He did not even touch the custard that Mo Jiancheng had given him.

Mo Jiancheng’s face was a little embarrassed. He forced himself to talk to Ning Dai.

“Dai’er, eat more. Look at how thin you are.”


Ning Dai nodded perfunctorily. She finished the food in a hurry and pushed Mo Chen back to the bedroom.

Mo Jiancheng sat alone in front of the dining table. He watched the two of them leave and sighed deeply.

In the bedroom, Ning Dai held Mo Chen’s hand and comforted him softly.

“Second Brother, let’s move out.”

There was a barrier between Mo Chen and his father. He would not be happy if he forced himself to stay here. It was better to move out as soon as possible. It was a peaceful and carefree place where he could not see or be bothered.

“I’ll listen to you.”

Mo Chen took the opportunity to pull her into his embrace.

As he gently sniffed the unique rose fragrance on her body, his somewhat impetuous heart calmed down.

It was good that she was by his side. He didn’t expect anything else.

When Mo Chen and Ning Dai fell asleep, An Nanyin, who was far away from the An Corporation, had insomnia.

“Why did Group A suddenly withdraw their funds and terminate the project?” He threw the documents to the side and pinched the space between his brows.

This project was very important to the An family. If it could not continue, the An family would lose 30% of their liquid funds.

If things went wrong, there was a risk of the financial chain breaking.

An Nanyin tried to call Benjamin, wanting to ask him out for dinner, but Benjamin was already on a plane back to the country and refused to meet him.

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