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Chapter 83: Stop All Cooperation

Mo Chen’s deep breathing echoed in the bedroom. Ning Dai was half-lying beside him, watching him sleep soundly. She could not help but reach out a finger and lightly tap his lips.

Such a handsome man, his heart was only open for her. How could he not be tempted?

A man’s lust would mislead people.

With a sigh, Ning Dai took out her phone and sent Benjamin a text message.

“Find out all the background information about that An woman.”

To be called Miss An by Shen Jun and to meet at the M Country airport, her background should not be simple.

Within a few minutes, Benjamin replied to the text message.

Seeing that the contents of the attachment were larger, Ning Dai got up and turned on the computer. After transferring the files, she flipped through the pages one by one.

As expected, An Nanxu was from the An family.

“Oh, she is Second Brother’s ex-fiancée. Why, seeing that Second Brother is so handsome now, does she regret it?” She smiled coldly, closed the computer, and gently rubbed the space between her eyebrows with her fingers.

It was useless to regret it. She did not provide any medicine for regret!

Thinking of the An family, Ning Dai’s gaze sharpened, and sent another message to Benjamin.

“Terminate all cooperation between Group A and the An family’s project.”

She wanted to make An Corporation bleed.

No one knew that she was the actual owner of the international first-rate corporation, Group A. She was the real boss behind the scenes. Terminating a project was just a matter of Ning Dai’s words.

However, An Corporation would not be so comfortable. Terminating the collaboration, the initial investment went down the drain, and the loss of capital and manpower were all wasted.

But to Ning Dai, she could afford to lose so little money!

“Oh, I’m so sleepy.”

Ning Dai yawned and threw her phone and laptop aside. She hugged Mo Chen and fell asleep.

What she did not see was Benjamin’s latest message flashing on the screen of her phone.

“Boss, I’m very worried about you. I’ll arrange to return to the country now.”

In an alley two hundred meters away from the Mo family, Shen Jun was once again thrown here by Ning Dai’s men. She climbed up from the ground in a sorry state.

This was the fourth time she had probed.

After being dragged away, An Nanxu ended her cooperation with Shen Jun. Shen Jun was unwilling and wanted to find Mo Chen’s father, Mo Jiancheng, so that she could return to the Mo family. Seeing that they had been husband and wife for so many years, he definitely still had feelings for her.

However, what she did not expect was that Ning Dai would be so decisive and ruthless. She had arranged for many people to guard in the dark. As soon as they saw her approaching the Mo family or the Mo family, they would throw her out.

“Little sl*t, you really want to cut off my escape route.”

Shen Jun took a deep breath and took out her phone to make a call, but she could not make it at all.

Her phone number had been hacked!

Looking at the two people who had been following her, Shen Jun’s lips trembled, and her face was pale as she leaned against the wall.

Everything was over.

At the same time, in the hospital.

In the special ward, Elder Ning looked at the local hot search news with a gloomy face.

“Divorced and still being kept by someone else?”

His hands were trembling, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He had thought that without Ning Xiaodai, his Dai’er would be safe and happy, but these people had done so many bad things behind his back. It seemed that he had not been cruel enough in the past and had not stopped their thoughts earlier.

There was also Shen Jun, who was also a troublemaker.

Thinking of this, Elder Ning directly called his assistant over and ordered with a gloomy face.

“Go and publicly announce that all my shares will be transferred to Dai’er. Remember to send a notice to the chamber of commerce. I want everyone in the city to know that as long as the Ning family doesn’t collapse, no one can bully my granddaughter.”

The assistant nodded cautiously. Just as he was about to do it, Elder Ning called out to him again.

“There’s one more thing. Go to the Mo family and buy 10% of their shares.”

The assistant was stunned and did not ask further. He bent down to accept the order.

“Yes, don’t worry.”

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