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Chapter 75: Posted On the Internet

Ning Dai followed Mo Chen back to the Mo family’s villa and collapsed on the bed.

“I’m so tired.” Her entire body was extremely weak, especially when she started to fight Zhang Lei before the effects of the drug had completely disappeared. She had used all of her strength and energy.

Mo Chen pushed the wheelchair over and stretched out his hand to massage her arm.

“It’s better to bring along some bodyguards in the future. If there’s such a bigot again, just thinking about it is scary.”

Ning Dai was silent.

This time, she was really careless when she was in danger. She thought that her skills were not bad and that she could bring Mo Chen out to shop without bodyguards, enjoying the time with the two of them together.

It was she who had underestimated the paranoia and madness of human nature.


Mo Chen’s voice was slightly cold as he called out to her in a more serious tone. She came back to her senses and smiled at him.

“Alright, I’ll listen to Second Brother.”

It was worth it to bring two more people to help him feel at ease.

Seeing that Ning Dai was still obedient, Mo Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He did not say anything else and continued to massage her shoulders. The strength of her palm was just right, causing her mind to slowly relax.

In a few minutes, Ning Dai fell asleep.

However, not long after, she was woken up by the noise. She casually grabbed a handful of it and it was empty beside her.

Mo Chen and Shen Jun’s deep voice could be heard arguing from outside the door.

“Someone is framing her, I will take care of it.”

“Take care of it? How are you going to take care of it? Our Mo family’s daughter-in-law is actually dancing passionately with another man. Her actions are intimate, and the internet is going crazy. Even if you suppress the heat now, can you suppress the cuckold on top of your head?”

Shen Jun fiercely slapped the door frame, her face contorted in anger.

“Hurry up and divorce her.”

Ning Dai frowned and opened the door.

Seeing her come out, Shen Jun sneered with her hands on her waist.

“Eldest Miss Ning, your erotic photos are all over the internet, yet you still have the mood to sleep. It’s really rare that you have such a big heart. Our Mo family can’t keep a Buddha like you. Hurry up and divorce our Mo Chen…”


Mo Chen coldly interrupted Shen Jun’s words.

“I’ve said it before, I won’t divorce her. Don’t meddle in the matters on the internet.”

“I’m doing it for the sake of the Mo family.”

Shen Jun’s face twisted. Ning Dai didn’t want to listen anymore. She directly called for someone to drag her out, and the entire world instantly became quiet.

She turned to look at Mo Chen and asked in puzzlement, “Second Brother, what’s going on? What erotic photos?”

“It’s a photo of you and Zhang Lei.”

Mo Chen observed her expression and quickly explained, rubbing the space between his eyebrows.

“You’ll know when you look online.”

He silently pushed the wheelchair to the study room. Just as the door was about to close, he turned back to look at her.

“Dai’er, don’t worry. I won’t divorce you. You’re my only wife.”

The door to the study closed.

Ning Dai stood where she was and took two deep breaths, forcing herself to calm down. She frowned and returned to the bedroom, turning on her laptop.

A few minutes later, she suddenly clenched her fingers tightly, her eyes filled with anger.

So, it was Zhang Lei’s doing.

He had installed a pinhole camera in the room to record the time when she was stripping. After that, he delayed it by two hours and posted it on the internet. In addition to the filthy words that he had edited long ago… He wanted the netizens and fans to think that she was really having s*x with Zhang Lei and that she was cheating on Mo Chen.


Ning Dai picked up her phone and ordered her subordinates coldly, “Get the police to increase the standard of punishment. Don’t let Zhang Lei out.”

After getting a response from her subordinates, she hung up the phone.

The photos on the internet were quickly hacked by her. She frowned and turned off her computer.

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