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Chapter 73: He Was Not Worthy At All

Zhang Lei was carrying someone, and his speed was affected. Mo Chen’s eyes seemed to spew fire as he increased his speed once again. He only hated the fact that his legs were broken and he was unable to stand up. Otherwise, he would have grabbed Zhang Lei and saved Ning Dai.

What a burden!

Mo Chen cursed in his heart. However, he saw Zhang Lei, who was not far away, suddenly turn around and give him a contemptuous smile.

Before he could react, the wheelchair carried the momentum and rushed straight down.

It was a stairway-type elevator!

Mo Chen wanted to stop, but the wheelchair was spinning at a high speed just now. The wheels did not stop and rolled straight down.

Bang! Crash!

The wheelchair rolled all the way to the bottom. An intense pain was felt. Mo Chen’s entire body seemed to have fallen apart, and his head was in intense pain.

He watched as Zhang Lei carried Ning Dai and leisurely walked past him.

“Dai’er,” Mo Chen roared hysterically. Then, his head tilted to the side, and his consciousness fell into darkness.

Darkness, endless.

The anesthetic gradually faded, and Ning Dai slowly opened her eyes.

Where was this place?

Not understanding the situation, she remained vigilant and did not move. She only looked around quietly.

Looking at the half-new furniture around her, she frowned even more.

This was an ordinary two-bedroom.

“You’re awake.”

Zhang Lei’s voice was heard. Ning Dai suddenly looked up and saw him walking out of the room next to hers. He was holding a cup of steaming hot tea and drinking it leisurely.

“What do you want to do?”

“To look at you.”

Zhang Lei put down the teacup, sat on the sofa opposite her, and crossed his legs.

“Actually, I’ve never understood why you want that cripple. It’s not like he can satisfy you. You can only be in a position of power. You’ll never be able to experience the true happiness of a woman.”

Hearing his angry words, Ning Dai pondered for a moment and came to a sudden realization.

It seemed like he was the one who questioned Mo Chen at the airport that day. In his heart, just the fact that he wasn’t crippled was enough to crush Mo Chen completely.

However, he wasn’t worthy at all!

But now, both of her hands and feet were tied up. No matter how hard she tried, she was so weak that she didn’t have any strength left.

Seeing Ning Dai’s slight struggle, Zhang Lei smiled smugly.

“Miss Ning, I advise you not to waste your energy. Your skills are not bad, I know. How could I not have prepared in advance? It’s not easy to tame a fierce horse.”

“I know, but you tied me too tightly. My hands and feet aren’t feeling well.” Ning Dai sighed and blinked innocently, looking at him pitifully.

“Let go of me. I’ll do anything for you. Did you bring me here just to have a taste of the melon that was forcefully taken?”

“You know your place.” Zhang Lei raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“It’s not impossible for me to untie you, but I can only untie your feet. Also, you have to strip for me.”

His wretched gaze wandered over Ning Dai’s body without the slightest bit of concealment, as though he could see the scenery below even through her clothes.

Zhang Lei stood up and untied the anklet that bound Ning Dai.

Ning Dai’s heart was filled with hatred.

The striptease that he was talking about was the kind that she had danced for Mo Chen. If she hadn’t guessed wrongly, Zhang Lei had been outside the villa that day. No wonder when she was dancing, she always felt as though she was being watched.

But now that she was out of danger, it was more important. She twisted her ankle and smiled at Zhang Lei.

“Alright, I’ll dance.”

Ning Dai covered the cold light in her eyes. She ignored her bound hands and started to twist her body.

What she did not notice was that a calculative glint flashed across Zhang Lei’s eyes.

At the same time, at the hospital.

Mo Chen opened his eyes and suddenly sat up, panting heavily.

“Where’s Dai’er?”

“Young Master.”

Chen Shan quickly walked over to support him. “I’ve already called the police, but there’s still no news.”

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