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Chapter 65: Only For Her

Mo Chen’s clone was suddenly gripped tightly by her and instantly started to clamor.

Ning Dai played with the hard meat stick in her hand. Her fingertips teased the tip of the p*nis and started to knead it through his pants. “Second Brother, your little brother seems to miss me very much.”

Mo Chen sucked in a breath of cold air and pressed her hand down.

What a vixen!

He wanted to tear her apart and swallow her up immediately. However, this was a plane, so he could only endure it.

Seeing the veins on his forehead bulging and the suppressed lust in his eyes becoming even more intense, Ning Dai felt that it was more fun and became more impudent. Her hands kneaded and kneaded, moving up and down. Although it was through his pants, she used all sorts of methods to make Mo Chen gasp for breath.

“Aiya, Second Brother, your erection is getting stronger.” Ning Dai’s red lips curled up, revealing a charming curve.

At this moment, the sound of the air stewardess pushing the wheels of the cart could be heard from outside. It was the air stewardess coming to distribute drinks and food.

Ning Dai immediately stopped her movements and loosened her grip.

However, after being teased by her just now, Mo Chen’s clone was strong and hard. Even if it was covered with a blanket, it was still very eye-catching.

She thought for a moment and before the air stewardess came over, she lazily laid on Mo Chen’s lap. Her long black hair was spread out and covered the entire area.

“Sir, Miss, do you need anything?”

The air stewardess happened to push the cart over. Ning Dai took a look and ordered a glass of orange juice and milk for the two of them.

After the air stewardess left, the first-class business cabin returned to its usual calm.

“Second Brother, this is for you.” Ning Dai passed the orange juice to Mo Chen and picked up the milk glass. She gently bit the glass and drank the milk in one gulp.

The white and moist milk formed a stark contrast with her bright red lips.

Mo Chen’s throat moved silently once again.


“It’s pretty good. Why don’t I order you a glass?”

Ning Dai put down the cup and was about to call the air stewardess over when she was suddenly pressed down by the man.

“I have another way to taste it.”

After Mo Chen finished speaking, he placed Ning Dai’s head on his palm and kissed her heavily. The tip of his tongue invaded between her lips and teeth, absorbing her sweet scent. The fragrance of milk filled his mouth and tongue.


Ning Dai tried to push him away, but she didn’t succeed.

Mo Chen’s unique cold fragrance completely enveloped her and she couldn’t extricate herself. In just a short moment, her body started to move passionately, drowning in his ocean. Mo Chen’s big hand also touched her snow-covered peaks.

When she had just teased him, he already couldn’t hold it in anymore. He knew that all of his desires were only for her.


The man’s low moan sounded. Ning Dai let out a soft cry and quickly pressed down on his other hand, not allowing him to go any deeper. If he went any deeper, he would reach the muddy stamen.

This was a plane. If they were to let it go any further, both of them would lose their rationality.

At the last moment, they were stuck. Mo Chen panted heavily and released her.

“Little vixen, behave yourself.”

“Okay.” It was rare for Ning Dai not to refute him. She rested her head on his shoulder.

“Second Brother, bear with it. Dai’er is yours.”


Mo Chen did not push her away. He turned his head away and looked out of the window.

After being in M Country for so long, it was time for them to return.

For some reason, a sense of sadness rose in Mo Chen’s heart.

The plane was flying through the clouds. The romance between the two of them just now was like an unforgettable dream in the sky.

However, it was enough.

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