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Chapter 62: My Man Is the Most Handsome

There were too many people in the hospital. Ning Dai booked the entire floor of the hotel and brought Mo Chen back to the hotel to recuperate.

In any case, she was a doctor. She could take care of him wherever he went.

After the anesthetic wore off, Mo Chen’s face was still wrapped in bandages. However, there was a strange feeling coming from his wound. It was painful and itchy. He always wanted to reach out and touch it.

However, before he could do anything, Ning Dai pressed down on his wrist.

She looked at him with a grave expression and gently kissed his lips to appease him.

“Second Brother, I know you’re suffering. Bear with it.”

Before her senior brother left, he had specially told her that Mo Chen would not be having an easy time after his wound healed for the next month. She had to watch him closely and not let him scratch his wound in case the surgery failed and he suffered a second injury.

Ning Dai remembered everything that had to do with Mo Chen in her heart and did not dare to be careless.

Her gaze was gentle, but it was exceptionally firm. He knew that she was doing this for his own good. Mo Chen nodded silently.

The next month would be torturous for him and Ning Dai.

He could not eat anything spicy. He had to be extra careful when he ate. His wounds were itchy and he could not scratch them, especially after applying the medicine. It was as if there were thousands of ants crawling on his face.

Every time this happened, Ning Dai would use other methods to distract him, such as using her body.

It was another round of intercourse. Ning Dai yawned and hugged his arm.

“Second Brother, the bandages will be removed tomorrow. You don’t have to suffer anymore.”

This month, Ning Dai had also been through a lot of torture. She was physically and mentally exhausted.

Mo Chen pulled her into his arms and let her rest on his shoulders. He laid her face on his chest and used his heartbeat to comfort her. His palm gently caressed her back.

This was a very comfortable position. Ning Dai was soon enveloped by sleepiness. In her half-asleep state, she vaguely heard Mo Chen’s familiar low voice reverberating in her ears.

“Dai’er, thank you.”

Thank you?

There was no need to say such distant words of thanks between her and Mo Chen.

Ning Dai wanted to refute him, but she was too tired. She mumbled twice and fell into a deep sleep.

He was finally going to remove the gauze.

Mo Chen sat in front of the mirror. His heart was pounding like a deer. It was the first time he felt timid. He closed his eyes unconsciously and allowed Ning Dai to remove the gauze. He didn’t dare to look.

The gauze fell to the ground.

“Second Brother.”

Ning Dai’s voice sounded, but she didn’t say anything for a long time.

Mo Chen frowned slightly. He couldn’t hold back his curiosity. He opened his eyes and looked at the handsome face in the mirror.

His sharp facial features, deep brows, and slightly pursed lips formed a handsome and stunning face that made people attracted.

This was his original appearance. There were no scars, as if he had never been injured.

“Are you satisfied?”

Ning Dai giggled and hugged his neck tightly, rubbing her face on his face.

“I knew it. My Second Brother is the most handsome. No one can compare to him.”

Ning Dai’s face was very smooth and tender. It felt exceptionally real, causing Mo Chen to come back to his senses.

His hands trembled as they covered his face.

This was his face, a perfect face. She was the one who had given him a new life.

He suddenly hugged Ning Dai tightly. The moisture in his eyes flashed past, but it still made his heart tremble.

“Dai’er, it’s good to have you.”

“Second Brother, I think so too.”

Ning Dai patted his shoulder and said softly, “Shall we go back to the country?”

After being out for so long, she missed Elder Ning. She did not know how his body was recovering. Mo Chen’s appearance had recovered. She had to let Elder Ning take a look at him to let him rest assured that his granddaughter’s judgment would not be wrong.

“I’ll listen to you,” Mo Chen replied softly.

He subconsciously looked for her red lips and wanted to kiss her. However, she slipped out of his embrace like a slippery fish and went into the bedroom to pack her luggage with a smile.

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