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Chapter 52: You’re Disappointed That I’m Still Alive?

Ning Dai sat beside Elder Ning’s bed. She carefully clasped his wrist with her fingers and calmed her heart.

She was taking Elder Ning’s pulse.

For an old man like Elder Ning, a heart attack was enough to take their lives. She had to be careful.

Two minutes later, she heaved a sigh of relief and released Elder Ning’s hand.

“Grandfather, you should pay more attention to your health. Don’t trust anyone’s news.”

“I know. I was worried.” Elder Ning’s voice could not help but tremble. He patted the back of her hand, and clear tears appeared in his old eyes.

“It’s good that you’re okay. Grandfather can’t bear to lose you again.”

“Don’t be silly. Grandfather and Dai’er can both live for a hundred years.” Ning Dai comforted Elder Ning’s arm and shook it.

Ning Xiaodai gritted her teeth. The flames in her eyes burned as if they were about to devour her.

Those two good-for-nothings didn’t even get rid of Ning Dai!

When Ning Dai came, Old Master Ning only had her in his eyes. She was just a vase that could be discarded at any time!


Perhaps Ning Xiaodai’s resentment was too strong, Ning Dai paused and looked at her coldly.

“I forgot about you. Are you disappointed that I’m alive?”

“No.” Ning Xiaodai quickly lowered her head to hide the hatred in her eyes.

Ning Dai smiled meaningfully. “Even if you are, you can only hate in the bottom of your heart. You’ll never be able to stand out in public. Get lost.”

“You!” Ning Xiaodai still wanted to retort, but she saw Ning Dai’s cold face.

“Aren’t you going to get lost? Do you want me to do it myself?” She stood up and clenched her fingers tightly, making a threatening sound.

Ning Xiaodai didn’t dare to dawdle any longer. She took a deep breath in humiliation and turned to leave.

The ward was finally quiet.

“She’s finally gone.”

Ning Dai fanned herself with her palm and turned to open the window of the ward.

The perfume on Ning Xiaodai’s body was too strong. She was disgusted by it and Elder Ning was definitely not feeling well.

After the fresh air rushed in, Ning Dai turned to look at Mo Chen.

“Second Brother, are you thirsty?”

“I’m fine.” Mo Chen waved his hand and gestured for her to bring a glass of water for Elder Ning.

“I just drank it. I’m not thirsty.” Elder Ning did not want it and only stared at Ning Dai. “Dai’er, what’s going on? They said that your plane crashed and even Ning Xiaodai rushed back from abroad to attend your funeral.”

“They really wanted to attend my funeral, but unfortunately, they didn’t have the fate to.”

Ning Dai told the story of what had happened before.

From the problematic pilot on the plane to the falling island, she did not miss a single detail. Of course, she hid all the details that should not have been there.

The more she listened, the redder Elder Ning’s face became. He clutched his chest and panted heavily.

“These b*stards. How dare they do such a thing behind my back? They must be tired of living!”

“Grandpa, don’t be angry.”

Ning Dai gently massaged his back. “I see that Ning Xiaodai’s reaction is intense. Since she can’t wait to come back, I’m afraid she must have put in a lot of effort.”

Over the years, as the adopted daughter of the Ning family, she had accumulated a lot of connections. In order to get rid of her, it was reasonable for her to join hands with Second Uncle and Third Uncle.

Elder Ning’s brows were tightly knitted together, almost forming the word ‘川’

“Dai’er, Grandpa will support you no matter what you do.”

“I’ve been waiting for Grandpa to say that.” Ning Dai smiled faintly.

“The most important thing now is to separate Ning Xiaodai from them and break through one by one. Also, I need to find some concrete evidence regarding the plane.”

Even if the pilot died along with the plane, they should be able to retrieve the black box from the plane, as well as the pilot’s private account, and even his family. They were all breakthroughs.

She needed to investigate them all.

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