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Chapter 36: You Can Do Anything To Me

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After returning to the Mo family, Ning Dai immediately took out her laptop and hacked into the mall’s surveillance cameras.

She found the time when the two of them entered the fitting room in the afternoon. As expected, she saw Ning Xiaodai standing at the door of the fitting room with her phone in her hand for a long time.

Needless to say, she was definitely the one who leaked the recording.

Originally, Ning Dai didn’t want to argue with Ning Xiaodai. However, she had come to find trouble with her several times, so don’t blame her for being ruthless.

She took out her phone and gave Mo Chuan a call.

After the call ended, Mo Chen pushed the door open and walked in.

“Second Brother, I was bullied today. Why didn’t you comfort me?” Ning Dai lay on the bed, looking wronged.

“Bullied? It’s already good enough that you didn’t bully others.” Thinking of Second Uncle and Third Uncle’s embarrassment, Mo Chen couldn’t help but feel sympathetic.

Ning Dai’s interest was suddenly piqued. She raised her eyes to look at Mo Chen and said coquettishly, “Then Second Brother, do you want to be bullied by me?”

Her shoulders were slightly lowered. She used her hand to pick up one side of her clothes and removed it up to her shoulders.

Mo Chen couldn’t help but look over.

Ning Dai, who had just showered, was only wearing Mo Chen’s white shirt. The two buttons on the top were unbuttoned, revealing a faint view of the scenery inside. Under the hem of the shirt, which was just enough to cover her buttocks, was a pair of slender legs.

At this moment, she was staring at Mo Chen with a pair of watery eyes.

His throat moved up and down, and Mo Chen became very stubborn.

Seeing how Mo Chen looked, she could not help but tease him. Ning Dai smiled slightly. She sat up, stretched out her smooth and round toes, and hooked them around the man’s lower abdomen.

Mo Chen’s dark eyes looked at Ning Dai as he watched her smile at him.

Her toes moved down along his lower abdomen and stopped at the man’s sensitive spot. Feeling the hardness under her feet, the smile in the woman’s eyes deepened.

She opened her red lips and stuck out her pink tongue. The tip of her tongue was lifted up and gently licked along her lips. As she seduced the man, she slowly unbuttoned her clothes.

“Second Brother, I’m so hot.” Ning Dai’s tone was pure as she unbuttoned the buttons one by one, revealing two plump peaches.

Mo Chen looked at the deep cleavage between the woman’s plump and fair breasts, his throat dry beyond recognition.

“Ning Dai…” His sensitive member was being toyed with by her toes. The scene before him was so exciting that Mo Chen couldn’t even speak properly.

Ning Dai silently took off her shirt. Other than a pair of white lace bottoms, there was nothing else.

Her plump and firm chest, slender waist, and long legs were clearly visible.

Ning Dai moved her feet away from the legs of the man’s pants and got off the bed. She closed her knees and knelt on the ground devoutly so that Mo Chen could look down on her.

She raised her head slightly, and her hazy eyes were like a pool of autumn water.

“Second Brother, you can do anything to me.”

Ning Dai slightly puffed out her chest and closed her eyes, looking as if she would do whatever he wanted to her.

Mo Chen gulped and stared at the young girl in front of him as if she was offering a sacrifice. After a long while, he reached out and slid his hand onto the woman’s face.

Ning Dai’s beauty was the kind of beauty that revealed her sharpness.

She had exquisitely curved eyebrows, long eyelashes, a tall and delicate nose bridge, and fiery red lips.

When she opened her eyes, her eyes seemed to be filled with the lust of the world. When she closed her eyes, she was like a sleeping wild rose, attracting people who could not help but approach her.

Ning Dai’s body trembled slightly, but she did not retreat.

His hand slid down her face to her neck. The lines of the woman’s neck were also very beautiful as if she was a proud swan.

In the end, his finger stopped at her chest.

The air seemed to have frozen.

Ning Dai only felt that the man’s fingers were boiling hot, and a sense of nervousness arose in her heart.

Her pink bud trembled slightly in front of her chest, and it actually stood up quietly in front of the man’s eyes.

Seeing the woman’s cute reaction, Mo Chen’s eyes almost melted in tenderness.

He placed his hands on the woman’s chest. Wherever his hands touched, it was soft and elastic. Ning Dai did not suppress her emotions as she moaned softly.

When he heard the woman moaning happily, Mo Chen became bolder. He began to forcefully pinch the woman’s breasts. The fair and tender breasts were changing shapes wantonly in Mo Chen’s hands.

When he saw the woman’s intoxicated expression, the man’s lower body swelled up once again.

A crazy thought appeared in his mind.

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