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Chapter 35: What Is Regret

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“Dai’er, you’re back.” When he saw Ning Dai, the grave expression on Elder Ning’s face instantly disappeared. He happily waved for her to go over.

“Grandfather, I was accompanying Second Brother to try on clothes. I happened to see a massage chair that felt pretty good, so I brought it over to Grandfather.”

Ning Dai let go of Mo Chen and sat beside Elder Ning, acting coquettishly.

Elder Ning truly doted on this granddaughter who had been away from him for ten years. When he heard that Ning Dai had bought him a massage chair, he was even happier and repeatedly said how happy he was.

“However, there is also something very unhappy.” Ning Dai changed the topic and immediately put on a worried expression. “I don’t know who was peeping at me and Second Brother trying on clothes in the mall, but they actually posted it on the internet, saying that I was cheating.”

Her words made Second Uncle and Third Uncle’s faces turn red.

Mo Chen lowered his head, trying to hold back his laughter.

Elder Ning looked at the two of them with a cold snort, his face full of displeasure.

“Second and Third Brother, did you put the item on the Internet?”

As expected of a man who was experienced on the battlefield. With just one sentence, the two of them felt an invisible pressure that made them unable to breathe.

“No, we only came here because we heard the rumors on the internet.” The two of them quickly complained, but they did not dare to expose Ning Xiaodai. After all, she still had something on the two of them.

Second Uncle looked at Ning Dai and pretended to remind her kindly, “Even if you didn’t cheat, you shouldn’t have done that kind of thing in that place. What would people think if they heard you? Dai’er, you’re the only granddaughter of the Ning family, so you should pay attention to your status.”

Ning Dai raised her eyebrows and said in a funny tone, “The two of us are just having fun. Why do we have to pay attention to other people?”

“Dai’er is right. They’re still young. So what if they’re having fun? You two old people, as elders, don’t protect your own family. You even casually listen to rumors and come home to gossip,” Elder Ning chimed in, his tone was full of dissatisfaction.

Seeing that Elder Ning was standing on Ning Dai’s side and was really angry, the two of them panicked.

“Dai’er, it’s Uncle’s fault for being stupid and listening to the news. Don’t take it to heart,” Second Uncle said quickly.

Ning Dai looked at the massage chair placed at the door and smiled. “Uncle is also thinking of the Ning family’s reputation. I don’t blame you.”

Seeing that Ning Dai was so easy to talk to, the two of them felt a little relieved, but Ning Dai hadn’t finished speaking.

“By the way, Second Uncle, this is the massage chair that I just bought for Grandfather. I haven’t tried it yet. Why don’t you try it for Grandfather?”

He wanted to refuse, but when he met Elder Ning’s threatening gaze, he had no choice but to compromise and obediently sit on the massage chair.

At this moment, he finally knew what regret was.

Second Uncle’s body was bound by the leather belt of the massage chair, and countless ball beads kept sliding on his back.

The obviously increased force hit his back hard, and the pain was unbearable, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Second Uncle, how do you think this massage chair is? Is it easy to use?” Ning Dai increased the horsepower again and asked with a smile.

“Comfortable, it’s too comfortable.” Second Uncle quickly nodded in response, afraid that if he said anything bad, he would offend Ning Dai and get even more cruel treatment.

“As long as Second Uncle feels comfortable, then I’m relieved.” Ning Dai smiled and nodded. She then asked Third Uncle, “Third Uncle, do you want to try it?”

“Third Brother, come and try it. It’s indeed very comfortable.”

Third Uncle saw the ferocious expression on his Second Brother’s face. He opened his mouth to refuse, but when he met Second Uncle’s threatening gaze, he hesitated and nodded. “Then, let’s try it.”

Thus, under Mo Chen and Old Master Ning’s gazes, the two of them experienced Ning Dai’s filial piety one by one.

“Second Uncle, Third Uncle, I’m very touched that you two care about me so much. But I hope that in the future, you two uncles can think before you speak and don’t find trouble for yourselves.”

After having enough fun, Ning Dai turned off the massage chair and spoke with a beaming tone, but her eyes were extremely cold. “Uncles, you’re welcome to come often. The massage chair will be waiting for you at any time.”

Both of their bones were about to fall apart. Looking at Ning Dai was like looking at a devil. After saying a casual greeting, they left the Ning family dejectedly.

Ning Dai turned her head, and Elder Ning couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up.

Mo Chen and Ning Dai had dinner at the Ning family and left under Elder Ning’s urging.

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