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Chapter 34: They Had To Do It

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“Uncles, I know you hate Ning Dai too. This recording is enough to ruin her reputation.” Ning Xiaodai played the recording for the two of them.

After listening to the content of the recording, the two of them were also surprised.

As if thinking of something, Second Uncle asked, “Since you have something on Ning Dai, you can just give it to the Old Master directly. Why are you still looking for us?”

“No matter what, I’m still the adopted daughter of the Ning family. It’s not convenient for me to interfere in this kind of matter.” Ning Xiaodai had her own little scheme in mind.

Elder Ning loved Ning Dai to the bone. If Elder Ning knew that the recording was leaked from her hands, even if Ning Dai was destroyed, she would not have a good ending. It would be a light punishment to drive her out of the Ning family.

She needed someone to act as a gun.

Hearing this, Second Uncle sneered. “It’s not convenient for you to interfere, so you let us be the villains. You really have a good plan.”

Ning Xiaodai was not angry. She said coldly, “You are the ones who have to do this even if you don’t want to.”

She sneered and took out a stack of photos and threw them in front of the two of them. “You should know better than anyone how Ning Dai went missing back then, right?”

Ning Xiaodai had been very careful in the Ning family all these years. She had to curry favor with Elder Ning while at the same time, she had to be wary of these two old foxes.

The two of them did not let down their guard against Ning Xiaodai just because she was an adopted daughter. They were afraid that she would use her identity as the Miss of the Ning family to divide the Ning family’s assets, so they were always thinking about how to chase her out.

In order to protect herself, Ning Xiaodai had tried every means to catch the two of them, but she did not expect that she would really catch them.

Seeing the contents of the photos, their pupils dilated, and they were immediately shocked.

“Why do you have this?” Second Uncle subconsciously put away the photos, and there was killing intent in his eyes.

Ning Xiaodai was not in a hurry. She spread her hands and leaned against the back of the chair in a relaxed manner. “It’s useless even if you destroy the photos. I made a backup. If I don’t go back before midnight, these photos will automatically be sent to Grandpa.”

“Destroy Ning Xiaodai’s reputation or go to jail yourself. Uncles, you have to think carefully.”

Ning Xiaodai put down the recording pen and the photos and turned to leave, leaving the two of them with solemn expressions.

Ning Xiaodai had just changed Mo Chen into a new suit and went to the shopping mall’s health district.

“Young Master…” Chen Shan appeared in the shopping mall and looked at the two of them with a troubled expression.

Mo Chen frowned. When did Chen Shan become so slow-witted?

Seeing that Mo Chen was impatient, Chen Shan took a deep breath and said, “There is bad news circulating in the industry that is detrimental to Young Madam.”

He opened his laptop and entered the hot search news section. He turned the screen to the two of them

[The eldest daughter of the Ning family has just gotten married and is cheating outside. The rumor of the Mo family’s Young Master being crippled is actually true!]

There was only a recording link under the eye-catching title. Ning Dai reached out and opened it. It was the conversation between the two of them in the fitting room. However, someone had deliberately edited it and cut out the title, blurring the identity of the man.

Ning Dai had a face full of interest. She already had a plan in her heart.

She turned her head and said to Mo Chen as if nothing had happened, “Second Brother, I think this massage chair is pretty good. Can you send it to Grandfather?”

Mo Chen did not understand what she wanted to do, but he still nodded his head.

At this moment, Second Uncle and Third Uncle had rushed to the Ning family to complain.

Sitting opposite them was Elder Ning, who was leaning on his walking stick. His face was gloomy and he did not say a word.

“Elder, I know you like that girl, Ning Dai, but she did such a shameful thing. It’s really a disgrace to our Ning family’s reputation.”

“Yeah, it’s one thing for her to steal someone, but she actually did such a thing in the fitting room. It’s simply… I can’t even say it out loud.”

“That girl didn’t seem like a well-behaved person back then. It’s only been a few days, and this kind of news has already appeared.”

The two of them chimed in and said bad things about Ning Dai.

“Enough. It’s not your place to comment on how my granddaughter is.” Elder Ning was so angry that his eyebrows jumped. He suddenly shouted angrily and scolded the two of them to shut up.

At this moment, Ning Dai pushed Mo Chen into the room.

“I didn’t know that you two uncles were so concerned about me.”

Ning Dai was wearing a long white dress with suspenders and a black overcoat.. As soon as she entered the room, her aura was fully unleashed.

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