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Chapter 31: Even If You Can’t Take It Anymore, You Have To Take It

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It wasn’t until a cough interrupted their eye contact that Mo Chen come back to his senses. He pushed Ning Dai away with both hands and turned his wheelchair to hide his emotions.

Ning Dai looked at the door unhappily, but she realized that it wasn’t a servant of the Ning family.

The person in front of her was dressed in Chanel high-end clothing. She was wearing thin, high-heeled shoes and gorgeous lipstick on her mouth. She looked like a noblewoman.

The woman in front of her must be the second wife of the Mo family’s patriarch, Shen Jun.

“You must be the eldest daughter of the Ning family, Dai’er, right? You look really good. Our Mo Chen is really lucky to have married you.”

Shen Jun did not wait for Ning Dai to speak. She walked up to her and held her hand as she greeted her warmly.

Ning Dai slowly broke free from her hand and walked to Mo Chen’s side. “It’s my fortune to be able to marry Second Brother.”

“That’s not true. Mo Chen is just a cripple. It’s a fortune that he will never be able to attain in eight lifetimes that Miss Ning has taken a fancy to him.” Shen Jun looked at Mo Chen with disdain. When she faced Ning Dai, she acted in a friendly manner.

“Dai’er, just treat this place like your own home. You don’t have to feel restrained. Mo Chen, you have to serve Dai’er well. If I find out that you’ve bullied her, I’ll chase you out of the Mo family.”

Her attitude made it seem as though Ning Dai was her biological daughter while Mo Chen was the one knocking on her door.

Having lost face in front of Ning Dai, Mo Chen’s vicious aura suddenly intensified.

“This is my business. It’s not your place to interfere.”

“Aiyo, you’ve grown wings, haven’t you? If it wasn’t for me taking care of the internal and external affairs all these years, do you think you would be able to live comfortably in the Mo family?”

“Miss Ning has taken a liking to you. That’s already giving you face. What right does a cripple like you have to be so arrogant?”

After a series of insults, Mo Chen’s expression became even gloomier, brewing monstrous anger.

Shen Jun wasn’t afraid of Mo Chen’s anger. After all, he wouldn’t be able to touch her even if he wasn’t in a wheelchair.

She licked her face and moved closer to Ning Dai. “Dai’er, I heard that the Ning family has a very famous beauty salon. Only members with a card can enter. I wonder if you can help me get one?”

Looking at Shen Jun’s fawning face, Ning Dai couldn’t hide the disgust in her eyes.

Mo Chen’s situation in the Mo family was far beyond Ning Dai’s imagination.

Ning Dai suddenly grabbed Mo Chen’s hand and asked with a serious expression, “Second Brother, did you hear a dog barking?”

“A dog barking? No,” Shen Jun frowned and answered before Mo Chen could.

“Aiya, the dog is barking even more fiercely. Let’s leave this place quickly.” Ning Dai pretended to be afraid and ignored Shen Jun. She pushed Mo Chen and was about to leave.

Only then did Shen Jun realize that the dog that Ning Dai was talking about was actually herself.

“Miss Ning, even if you are the eldest daughter of the Ning family, you shouldn’t humiliate me like this, right? No matter what, I’m still Mo Chen’s mother, your elder.” Shen Jun’s anger had also risen. She simply put on the airs of an elder and pressured her.

Only then did Ning Dai look straight at Shen Jun. “You also know that you’re Mo Chen’s mother? which mother would say that her son is disabled? They all say that stepmothers are vicious. Today, I’ve really witnessed it.”

Mo Chen raised his eyes and looked at Ning Dai, who was blocking in front of him. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Ning Dai wasn’t just saying it. She really didn’t allow anyone to slander him anymore.

Ning Dai gave Mo Chen a reassuring look. She raised her eyes and they were filled with sharpness. “I’m the Eldest Miss of the Ning family. I’m now Mo Chen’s wife. Humiliating Mo Chen is humiliating me. Don’t blame me for being rude if you slander him. You don’t like it? Endure it. Even if you can’t endure it, you have to endure it.”

Her words made Shen Jun speechless. Her heart was filled with anger, but under Ning Dai’s aura, she couldn’t say anything to refute. Her back even broke out in cold sweat.

Ning Dai didn’t care whether she was angry or not. She pushed Mo Chen away and left the greenhouse.

“Little vixen, bah.” After the two of them left, Shen Jun finally dared to curse loudly.

After leaving the greenhouse, Ning Dai pushed Mo Chen out of the main door. The sun was shining brightly outside the door, but Mo Chen didn’t seem to be used to it.

“Let’s go back to the greenhouse,” he said in a low voice as he looked at the servant’s gaze.

“I don’t want to go back and face that old witch. I’m annoyed just by looking at her.” Ning Dai was still angry.

Mo Chen couldn’t help but laugh when he heard this strange title. Ning Dai’s protection of him made him feel very good.

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