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Chapter 30: Do You Like My Breasts

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“Ning Dai, stop fooling around.” Mo Chen’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

“Second brother, call me Dai’er.” Ning Dai leaned forward and stared at the man with her watery eyes.


Ning Dai changed her position and knelt between the man’s legs.

Her sensitive spot was pressed against the man’s knees. Mo Chen could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. He closed his eyes and raised his head slightly, revealing his beautiful neck.

“Second Brother’s reaction is so cute.” The woman chuckled and moved closer. She opened her mouth and nipped the man’s Adam’s apple before starting to bathe him carefully.

Ning Dai took the bath ball and carefully rubbed the man’s skin. As she bathed him, her knees slowly rubbed the man’s lower body.

The more the two of them bathed, the more intimate they became.

Mo Chen only felt that the bathroom was exceptionally hot today. He lowered his head and opened his eyes, only to see a large patch of spring on the woman’s chest.

Ning Dai’s chest was plump and large. The translucent clothes stuck to her skin, revealing the woman’s chest line.

Looking at the rosy buds on her chest, Mo Chen couldn’t help but swallow.

“Second Brother, do you like my chest?” Ning Dai lowered her eyebrows and looked at him, raising her eyes and smiling charmingly.

Mo Chen resisted for a moment, but he nodded his head honestly. His voice was hoarse, as though he was bewitched. He said, “I like them.”

Under Mo Chen’s burning eyes, Ning Dai took off the last layer of restraint. She flirtatiously squeezed a pool of shower gel on her chest and pressed it against the man’s boiling hot chest.

She used her chest as a shower ball to wash the man’s skin. Her other hand reached down and quickly rubbed it.

The excitement and pleasure in Mo Chen’s mind continued to pile up. He couldn’t help but reach out and press the woman’s head against his lips. Their bodies were tightly pressed together, like two snakes intertwined with each other.

Very quickly, Mo Chen’s body shook, and milky white liquid floated to the surface of the water.

Mo Chen didn’t let go of Ning Dai and continued to kiss her. Only when both their lips were ravaged until they were red and swollen did they separate.

“Second Brother, you’re getting better and better.” Ning Dai reached out to pick up the shower ball and said to Mo Chen with a smile, “When Second Brother’s legs are healed, let’s have real s*x.”

She leaned against the man’s chest. Her wet hair stuck to her body and gave off a slight itch.

The man was silent. From an angle that the woman couldn’t see, he nodded slightly.

After breakfast, Mo Chen was in the greenhouse dealing with miscellaneous matters.

Although it was called a greenhouse, it was actually a lounge made entirely of glass.

The glass was made of a special material. Not only could it adjust the transparency, but it could also observe the surrounding scenery when one could not see the interior from the outside.

There was a laptop on his lap. The man was swiping the mouse to analyze the route map on the page.

“Second Brother, take your medicine.” Ning Dai gracefully pushed the door open and walked in.

Mo Chen put away his notebook and looked at Ning Dai with a hint of emotion in his eyes.

The white porcelain bowl was filled with a pitch-black medicinal liquid.

Mo Chen frowned. He was somewhat resistant to the medicine. He didn’t know what kind of medicine it was. He only heard from Ning Dai that it was a medicine that was useful to his body.

He was a cripple. Taking medicine would only be a waste.

Ning Dai didn’t care how much Mo Chen resisted. She raised her butt and gently sat in his embrace.

“Second Brother, if you don’t drink the medicine, I can only feed you in my way.”

Ning Dai’s way…

The scene of Ning Dai feeding him the medicine mouth to mouth appeared in his mind unconsciously. Mo Chen’s face turned slightly red as he quickly took the medicine.

“I’ll drink it myself.”

He originally wanted to drink it in one gulp, but the medicine was too bitter. Mo Chen frowned and barely drank all the medicine.

“Second Brother, is it very bitter?” Ning Dai’s fingertips were stained with the medicine from the corner of the man’s mouth. She swallowed it and frowned. “It is indeed very bitter.”

This woman was constantly challenging his endurance.

Mo Chen grabbed the woman’s waist and pinched her in revenge.

“Hahaha, Second Brother, it’s so Itchy.” Ning Dai laughed hysterically in Mo Chen’s embrace.

After grasping Ning Dai’s weakness, Mo Chen turned from a pinch to a scratch.

“Haha, Second Brother I don’t want it anymore. I beg you, I was wrong.” Very soon, Ning Dai was begging for mercy under Mo Chen’s demonic claws.

Seeing that Ning Dai was begging for mercy, Mo Chen was in a good mood and let go of her.

Ning Dai laughed until tears came out of her eyes. She lay weakly on the man’s chest and calmed her breathing.

After a long time, there was no movement in the room.

Ning Dai raised her eyes slightly and met the man’s deep eyes. The two of them looked at each other from a distance of twenty centimeters.. They both wanted to imprint each other in their hearts.

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