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Chapter 24: Satisfying Me This Time

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No matter how many times he faced Ning Dai’s deep affection, he would always be nervous, not knowing what to do.

“Second Brother, you really make people love and hate you.” Ning Dai sighed. Her red lips pressed onto Mo Chen’s mouth, grinding it inch by inch.

A familiar feeling surged out from within his body. Mo Chen’s fingertips pressed hard on the chair’s handle, controlling his desires.

This was the Ning family. He couldn’t be so casual.

Ning Dai didn’t care about where they were. She held onto Mo Chen’s chiseled face with her hand that was holding onto the chair’s handle. She extended the tip of her tongue and gently traced the shape of his lips.

Her plump lips were moistened by her saliva, giving off a sparkling light.

“Second Brother, open your mouth.” Ning Dai gently licked him, not forgetting to compel Mo Chen to open his mouth.

He could no longer control his strong desire. Mo Chen closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

Ning Dai’s soft tongue immediately slipped into the man’s mouth, seducing the man’s tongue to dance with her.

Their lips and teeth intersected, emitting a lustful sound that made one’s face blush and heart beat faster.

After a long while, Ning Dai finally retreated, still wanting more.

Looking at the silver thread between the two of them, Ning Dai smiled charmingly. She stuck out her tongue and bit by bit, licked the silver thread back into her mouth, and slowly swallowed it.

Seeing Ning Dai’s red tongue glide seductively around her lips, Mo Chen pressed down on the back of the woman’s head and once again started a new confrontation. It was only until the two of them were panting that they had no choice but to separate from each other.

Ning Dai’s gaze swept past the wide bed behind her, and her fingers inadvertently brushed past the bulge between the man’s legs.

“Second Brother, shall we go to bed for an afternoon break?” Mo Chen stared at Ning Dai’s deep and intense eyes as he let out a deep “Mhm” from his throat.

Ning Dai brought the wheelchair closer to the bed and dragged Mo Chen onto the bed.

Due to inertia, her delicate body was brought down by the man and fell onto the man’s chest.

“Second Brother, your chest is so hard.” Ning Dai pouted as she playfully pressed her nails against the man’s chest.

The slight pain stimulated the man’s libido even more.

Ning Dai felt the bulge on her thigh as her fingers slowly slid down and pulled open the zipper of his pants. The restrained dragon was freed and couldn’t wait to reveal its huge head.

“Ugh…” Just a simple action made Mo Chen let out a low moan.

After Ning Dai’s development, his originally sleeping body had long been lusting after this kind of delicacy.

The liquid of love excitedly flowed and looked forward to Ning Dai’s next action.

Ning Dai stood up slightly and unintentionally revealed half of her fair and tender flesh. Due to her posture, her buttocks were raised high, revealing her alluring buttocks.

It was rare for Mo Chen to take the initiative to remove Ning Dai’s shoulder strap. Ning Dai glanced sideways and did not refuse. She kept using her eyes that were filled with lust to seduce Mo Chen.

“Second Brother, you can be a little more daring.” Ning Dai Licked Mo Chen’s chest, guiding Mo Chen to take the initiative bit by bit.

Her tone that seemed to be both tempting and complaining made Mo Chen emboldened. He reached out his hand and grabbed the softness of Ning Dai’s chest.

Ning Dai’s chest was very big. The man’s palm was already big, but he was still unable to completely grasp it.

This was Mo Chen’s first time touching a woman’s chest.

Mo Chen had no way to describe the feeling. He only felt that his lower body was about to explode.

The sudden touch made Ning Dai unable to help but stand up to meet him.

The sensitive area was grabbed, and the hot body temperature belonging to a man covered her slightly cold chest. A strange feeling spread from her chest to her lower abdomen.

In an instant, water flowed down her lower body from the stimulation.

“Second Brother, I’m wet.” Ning Dai lay on the man’s chest, her body tightly fitting to his body. Ning Dai panted softly. For a moment, she was unable to escape from this strange pleasure.

It was just a few simple words, but it seemed to contain magic. The inferiority complex that came from the deepest part of Mo Chen’s heart suddenly faded to the point where it was almost invisible.

His eyes were slightly hot, and a surge of emotions was about to drown him.

In just a few short days, Ning Dai’s gentleness and care towards him, and her reliance on him made Mo Chen realize that he was actually not completely useless.

He suddenly felt that spending the rest of his life with Ning Dai seemed to be a very good idea.

“Second Brother, can you satisfy me this time?” Ning Dai bit her lower lip lightly, and her face was full of peach blossoms. She grabbed Mo Chen’s hand and stretched it down…

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