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Chapter 23: Eat You Sooner Or Later

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Ning Dai sneered. How could she let her have what she wanted?

She pointed at the man and said in a disdainful tone, “Wang Cong, tell me yourself. What exactly do you do? If you tell a lie, I’ll have the Ning family’s bodyguards throw you into the river and feed you to the fish.”

Wang Cong’s legs went soft and he fell to his knees with a plop.

“Miss Ning, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”


“I, I’m an escort, and I’m also a role-player…” Faced with Ning Dai’s pressure, Wang Cong did not need to use his usual eloquence. He confessed his identity honestly.

If he had known that Ning Xiaodai had asked him to play the role of her boyfriend to anger the eldest daughter of the Ning family, he would not have accepted the job even if he was beaten to death.

Ning Xiaodai’s expression could no longer be described as dejected.

She looked around and only received looks of disdain from the servants.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Wang Cong quickly ran out dejectedly.

Ning Xiaodai stood in the hall and could not enter. She was also embarrassed to leave.

“Xiaodai is back? What are you standing there for?” After Elder Ning finished talking, he noticed that the atmosphere was not right the moment he entered the room.

“Grandfather.” Ning Xiaodai’s eyes reddened, and her tears fell. “It’s all my fault. I made Sister angry.”

Although Ning Xiaodai was adopted, there were still feelings after being together for a long time. Seeing that Ning Xiaodai was crying, Elder Ning immediately went forward to hug her and pat her shoulder to comfort her. He did not forget to glare at Ning Dai.

“You little girl, did you bully Xiaodai?” There was not much blame in his tone.

He understood his own granddaughter’s personality. She would not take the initiative to find trouble, and she would never let herself suffer. It was most likely that Ning Xiaodai had done something to make her unhappy, which was why she had made Xiaodai feel embarrassed.

Ning Dai shrugged her shoulders, too lazy to explain.

“Grandfather, don’t blame Dai’er. It’s my bad leg that caused Sister to look down on me. Dai’er did it for me. If you want to pursue it, you can pursue it.”

No one had expected that Mo Chen, who had remained silent all this time, would actually step forward and take responsibility.

Not only did he take responsibility, he even indirectly told Elder Ning that it was Ning Xiaodai who had provoked him first.

Elder Ning nodded his head in satisfaction. He admired Mo Chen’s behavior very much.

He released Ning Xiaodai, and a stern look appeared on his face. “Your temper has been a little irritable recently. Go back to your room and reflect on yourself. Come out when you’ve thought things through.”

Ning Xiaodai bit her lower lip and returned to her room, resigned to her fate.

Ever since Mo Chen spoke up for Ning Xiaodai, Ning Xiaodai had been looking at the side of his face with a burning gaze.

Seeing that Elder Ning was still standing motionlessly in the hall, Ning Dai became anxious and hurriedly urged, “Grandfather, didn’t you ask Uncle Li to play chess with you? Hurry up and go. I’ll bring Second Brother to my room to have a look.”

“Sigh, I can’t interfere with the affairs of young people like you. I’d better go and play chess with Old Li,” Elder Ning tactfully said and left with his hands behind his back.

“Second Brother, I’ll bring you to my room.”

She said it like she wanted to ask, but she had already stood up and pushed her wheelchair to her room.

Ning Dai’s room was in the master bedroom of the villa. After Ning Dai disappeared, Elder Ning had sealed the master bedroom and only opened it back up when Ning Dai came back.

The pink room was filled with the dreams of a young girl, and the style was completely different from Ning Dai’s.

Ning Dai saw Mo Chen’s confusion and curled her lips as she explained, “These are all done by Grandfather.”

Mo Chen could see that Ning Dai and Elder Ning had a very good relationship, so it was normal for her to cater to Elder Ning’s taste.

“Second Brother, there’s only the two of us here.” Ning Dai’s tone suddenly wasn’t serious.

Mo Chen looked up and saw that Ning Dai was taking off her coat.

Today, Ning Dai was wearing a red one-piece dress with a white fur vest over it.

Now that she had taken off her fur vest, a large patch of snow-white skin was revealed.

Looking at the loose straps, Mo Chen thought of the scene in the morning. His throat was dry, so he quickly cleared his throat and averted his gaze.

“Second Brother, I was very happy that you protected me just now.” Ning Dai bent down and placed her hands on both sides of the wheelchair. Her pitch-black eyes gazed at Mo Chen with deep affection.

“Don’t think too much. I’m just thanking you for dealing with Mo Chuan a few days ago.”

Mo Chen hurriedly averted his gaze.. A large patch of red appeared at the base of his ears.

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