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Chapter 219: He Was the Only Man

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After Celan found out about Ning Dai’s matter, she paid out of her own pocket and put a bounty on his head to gather information about Mo Heng.

The Mo Corporation, which had originally been messed up by Mo Heng, reached a cooperation agreement with Group A. It didn’t take long for Mo Chen to clean up the mess left behind by Mo Heng. He also made the development of the Mo Corporation better than before.

Only then did the directors of the Mo Corporation finally feel at ease. They all agreed that Mo Chen was the person that the Mo Corporation couldn’t be without the most.

After settling everything, Ning Dai’s body was almost fully recovered. Mo Chen brought Ning Dai along to attend the expert’s recommended prenatal care class.

The moment the classroom door opened, everyone’s gaze fell on Mo Chen. It wasn’t just because of his handsome appearance, but also because he was the only man in the entire classroom.

The expert stood in front of the lectern and extended his hand to push the eyes on his face. His expression was gentle.

“Hurry up and come in. I didn’t expect Mr. Mo to come personally. This is very good. It will have a positive effect on the growth and development of the baby in the future.”

Ning Dai and Mo Chen looked at each other and smiled. The two of them sat at the back and started the class seriously.

Mo Chen remembered all the questions that the expert explained very seriously. After listening for a while, Ning Dai could not help but start to misbehave on purpose.

She lowered her head and wrote a line of words on the paper. Then, she placed the paper in front of Mo Chen.

“Second Brother, I’m so bored. Let’s do something interesting.” At the back, she even deliberately drew suggestive lips.

Mo Chen wasn’t affected at all. He wrote on the paper, “Be more serious. We’re in the middle of class now.”

“Isn’t this more exciting?”

As Ning Dai spoke, her hands caressed Mo Chen’s arm slowly.

Mo Chen sighed helplessly and reached out to grab Ning Dai’s messy little hand. “Behave yourself, or else I’ll spank you when I get home.”

“Second Brother.”

Ning Dai deliberately whispered softly into Mo Chen’s ear. She knew very well that Mo Chen would not be able to stand it whenever she called his name like that.

As expected, Mo Chen’s expression changed slightly. There was a hint of anger in his eyes as he stretched out his hand and slapped Ning Dai’s butt.

“Listen to the lesson well!”

The expert above covered the corner of his mouth and coughed. His gaze unconsciously swept over them. Mo Chen only felt a little annoyed, but it was mostly because he doted on Ning Dai.

Ning Dai also knew that she could not go overboard. She stuck out her tongue and obediently sat down to continue listening to the lesson.

The experts allowed everyone to freely discuss among themselves. Then, someone came over and spoke to Ning Dai and Mo Chen.

“The relationship between the two of you is really good. Your husband will accompany you during the pregnancy protection class.”

The person who spoke had an unintentional tone of sourness. Her gaze was intentionally or unintentionally directed towards Mo Chen.

Ning Dai grinned. Her white teeth carried a little pride. “That’s right. My fate is good. There’s nothing I can do about it!”

Her smug look made the other party unable to say anything else. She could only roll her eyes unwillingly.

Ning Dai proudly turned her head and raised her eyebrows at Mo Chen. Mo Chen looked at her proud expression lovingly.

It wasn’t easy for the lesson to finally end. Ning Dai actually didn’t listen to anything. Anyway, with Mo Chen by her side, he would definitely take care of everything.

“Dai’er, I looked at the map just now. There’s a maternity clinic nearby. Let’s go buy some things for the baby.”

Ning Dai happily agreed to Mo Chen’s suggestion.. The two of them held hands and picked out some things for the baby in the maternity clinic.

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