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Chapter 218: Pay the Price For Today’s Incident

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“Baby, our baby.”

Ning Dai regained consciousness from the intense pain in her abdomen. Her face was pale, and her gaze was fixed on the red between her legs. Her voice was filled with panic and fear, and her words were empty.

Mo Chen turned his head around and roared with an ashen face, “Call an ambulance!”

After a round of torment, Ning Dai and the child in her stomach were finally out of danger.

“Fortunately, there wasn’t too big of an accident this time. However, as a doctor, I still have to solemnly warn the two of you to recuperate properly from now on. You must not do any strenuous exercise.”

Ning Dai’s face was still deathly pale. However, when she heard that the child in her stomach was still fine, a gratified expression appeared on her face. She reached out to caress her slightly bulging stomach and nodded seriously.

“Doctor, don’t worry. Today’s incident will definitely not happen again.”

After sending the doctor off, Mo Chen turned around and returned to the ward. He reached out to interlock his hands with Ning Dai’s and placed them on her stomach, feeling the little life inside together.

“Second Brother, don’t be so serious. You’ll scare this little fellow,” Ning Dai said jokingly, trying to ease the cold atmosphere in the ward.

“Dai’er, you’re too impulsive. If something happens to you and the child today, I…”

Before Mo Chen could finish his words, Ning Dai’s soft lips pressed tightly against the corner of his lips.

“Nothing like this will happen. Second Brother, I promise you!”

This gentle kiss calmed the anxiety and unease in Mo Chen’s heart, and his expression slowly relaxed.

“I will definitely not let Mo Heng off. I will make him pay for what happened today.”

“Before I went to the meeting room, I had already handed over all the evidence to the police. The police will sue Mo Heng for fraud and illegal transfer of other people’s assets. The shares in his hands will return to us.”

“Once we catch him, Mo Heng will probably be in there for a long time.”

Ning Dai’s eyes were filled with confidence. Mo Chen’s gaze was deeply infatuated with her. He could not help but lower his head slightly to hold the corner of Ning Dai’s lips, deepening the kiss just now.

When the kiss touched his heart, the last trace of rationality in Mo Chen’s mind pulled him back to reality. Ning Dai and the child had just escaped from the hands of death. If they were to do anything out of line now, it would probably not be good for the child.

Mo Chen panted heavily and distanced himself slightly from Ning Dai to keep himself calm.

“Dai’er, for the sake of the child, the experts suggested that we go to the hospital to participate in a specially researched pregnancy protection course.”

Ning Dai blinked her eyes. “Then Second Brother will go with me. You’re the father of the child in my stomach. You can’t just leave everything to me, right?”

Mo Chen reached out and pinched the tip of Ning Dai’s nose. “What are you thinking about? Of course, I’ll go with you.”

Their gazes fell on Ning Dai’s belly. Their eyes were filled with hope for this unborn child.

Ning Dai rested in the hospital for a few days before returning home to recuperate.

During this period of time, Mo Chen and Ning Dai had sent their men to search for Mo Heng’s whereabouts. However, Mo Heng seemed to have disappeared from this world. There were no clues at all.

“Since there’s no news from the police, shouldn’t we ask Celan about it? She has Golden Dragon’s influence under her command.. Perhaps there might be some clues.”

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