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Chapter 213: You Don’t Want To Talk About It, But Your Body Is Honest

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“You just need to take care of the baby. I’ll take care of the company’s matters. Right now, you and the baby are the most important.”

“Second Brother doesn’t believe me?” Mo Chen couldn’t stop Ning Dai’s messy hands at all. In just a short while, Ning Dai had already unzipped his pants.

The thick p*nis bounced out and directly hit Ning Dai’s lips.

Ning Dai had a mischievous smile on her face and her eyes were burning. “Second Brother, you’re really coquettish. You say you don’t want it, but your body is very honest.”

As she spoke, she used her hands to massage Mo Chen from top to bottom. Mo Chen had always been unable to reject Ning Dai’s initiative, and his handsome face was slightly flushed due to his forbearance.

Ning Dai had evil intentions, so she deliberately softened her voice and rubbed it against Mo Chen’s body.

“Second Brother, I really want it. Dai’er wants Second Brother’s big meat stick to fill me up.”

With her soft voice, her eyes seemed to be filled with spring water as she stared straight at him. Mo Chen only felt a warm current rush towards his lower body.

Fortunately, Mo Chen’s willpower was not something that an ordinary person could compare to. The doctor’s words rang in his ears, causing Mo Chen’s hot head to calm down.

However, Ning Dai did not give him any time to react. Before he could speak, the most sensitive parts of his body were completely wrapped in warmth.

Mo Chen lowered his head to look and saw Ning Dai leaning over with her mouth slightly open and holding onto his meat stick.

Her little red mouth was really unable to swallow his entire p*nis. As a result, her cheeks were puffy and her little face seemed to be unhappy because she was unable to swallow all of it.

When Mo Chen became agitated, the meat stick trembled in Ning Dai’s mouth. A pained expression appeared on Ning Dai’s face as Mo Chen hurriedly retreated.

“Dai’er, did I hurt you?”

“Second Brother, if you don’t satisfy Dai’er, Dai’er can only give you a blowjob.” Ning Dai deliberately mischievously lowered her head again.

Mo Chen was helpless. He could only pick up Ning Dai and place her on his lap. He took off all of her clothes, and his gaze was gentle and doting.

“I really can’t do anything about you.”

Ning Dai raised her eyebrows proudly. She held onto Mo Chen’s shoulder and sat down with her acupuncture points facing Mo Chen’s desire.

The narrow acupuncture points wrapped warmly around Mo Chen’s high spirits. At that moment, both of them were happy.

Mo Chen was thinking about Ning Dai’s body, so he just maintained this position and did not move. Ning Dai held onto Mo Chen’s shoulder and moved up and down. Her seductive eyes fluttered, and the corners of her red lips revealed a seductive and sweet moan.

Mo Chen’s gaze became darker. He suddenly pinched Ning Dai’s shoulder and pressed down. His entire desire deeply entered Ning Dai’s body, and Ning Dai felt her mind go blank.

The place where the two of them tangled together was sticky and smooth. Mo Chen pinched Ning Dai’s buttocks and massaged them. Ning Dai’s tender acupoints rubbed against the desire in her body.

The soft moans were intermittent by Mo Chen’s ears.

“Second Brother, you’re really great. Hurry up!”

Mo Chen’s eyes were filled with madness. He grabbed Ning Dai’s waist and pushed her up heavily. This push almost made Ning Dai’s soul disappear.

She hugged Mo Chen’s shoulders tightly.

“Second Brother, do you think the baby will feel what we’re doing? When they come out, will they blame us for always disturbing their sleep?”

Mo Chen’s handsome face was stained with desire, becoming more and more clear.

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