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Chapter 212: Wasn’t the Worst Part Yet

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Ning Dai quickly calmed down and her mind spun rapidly. At this moment, Mo Heng and his subordinates slowly walked over.

The two parties met unprepared.

Obviously, Mo Heng didn’t expect that the two of them would be in the hospital. The cold expression on his face instantly turned into gentleness.

“Big Brother, Sister-in-law, the two of you are also at the hospital. Are you having a pregnancy test? What’s the result?”

A concerned expression appeared on his face while Mo Chen’s expression was indifferent.

“Everything is stable. Why are you at the hospital?”

“Because of this incident, the child’s parents have become absent-minded. My subordinates and I came over to visit.”

Mo Chen’s expression was calm without revealing any flaws. “You handled this matter very well. Your sister-in-law is currently pregnant. I’m very relieved to leave the management of the company to you.”

“Big Brother, there’s no need to be so polite.” Mo Chen’s words made Mo Heng happy. This was the kind of opportunity he wanted.



“This is what I should do.”

Mo Chen did not want to continue the conversation with Mo Heng. He wrapped his arm around Ning Dai’s waist and said indifferently, “Your sister-in-law is a little tired. I’ll bring her back to rest first.”

The two of them brushed past Mo Heng. Mo Chen extended his hand and patted Mo Heng’s shoulder.

“Don’t disappoint me.”

Mo Heng stood where he was and watched as Mo Chen helped Ning Dai into the car. His gentle eyes gradually turned sinister, carrying a hint of scheming.

“Do you think this big brother of mine knows something?”

“Impossible.” His subordinate stuck his head out to take a look. “I’ve asked the doctor just now. Mo Chen has always been with the doctor.”

In the car, Mo Chen immediately made a call to inform Chen Shan.

“Immediately transfer all of the company’s financial situation after Mo Heng entered the Mo Corporation, including the company’s current financial situation. Be careful, you have to do this personally. You absolutely cannot let Mo Heng know.”

The company’s current financial situation was easily discovered as long as one looked at the company’s current financial situation.

Chen Shan was very capable. Mo Chen and Ning Dai had just returned home when they received the information that Chen Shan had sent over.



As expected, the company’s accounts didn’t have a single flaw on the surface, but they had already been emptied out in private. This was especially so for the past two months. Many of the accounts had already turned into rotten and dead accounts. The company didn’t have any revenue at all. They were still losing money continuously.

If this matter were to be exposed, there would only be one outcome for the Mo Corporation.


“Second Brother, don’t be anxious.” Ning Dai reached out her hand and gently touched Mo Chen’s furrowed brows.

“Things have not reached the worst stage yet.”

“Mo Heng will definitely prepare to sell off the company’s stocks in exchange for a large amount of cash. He will then use this cash to buy back all the stocks in his private name. At that time, he will be the Mo Corporation’s largest shareholder and will have absolute authority over the Mo Corporation.”

“What we need to do now is to buy everything at the instant he sells everything.” A crafty look appeared on Ning Dai’s face.

“If we want to buy everything, we will need a large amount of capital.” Mo Chen approved of this method, but he did not have that much capital.

“Second Brother, if I succeed in this matter, do you have any rewards for me?” Ning Dai’s gaze was seductive. Her slender and soft fingers were drawing circles on Mo Chen’s chest. Her meaning was very clear.

Mo Chen grabbed Ning Dai’s messy fingers and furrowed his brows tightly. Although Ning Dai’s body was fine now, the doctor had also instructed them not to be overly lustful and to restrain themselves..

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