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Chapter 211: He Had Never Been Easy To Deal With

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The car stopped steadily at the entrance of the hospital. Mo Chen nimbly got out of the car to help Ning Dai open the door. He also carefully helped her get out of the car. Throughout the entire process, his expression was tense.

Ning Dai couldn’t help but smile. “Second Brother, don’t be so nervous. The doctor also said before that baby isn’t as delicate as we thought. Moreover, as a mother, I’m not that weak.”

Mo Chen only locked his gaze on Ning Dai’s body, not daring to relax even a little.

After a series of examinations, the doctor said that the baby in her stomach was fine. Only then did the two of them relax.

“Wait for me here. I’ll go in and ask the doctor if there’s anything else that needs attention.”

Ning Dai nodded and watched Mo Chen enter the specialist clinic.

This was a private hospital. Due to the high price, the people who came here were all people of status, so it was relatively quiet.

The environment of the hospital was pretty good. Ning Dai sent Mo Chen a message saying that she was taking a walk in the garden outside the hospital.

She slowly walked around the small garden and placed a hand gently on her stomach. She was in a good mood, but at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly entered her ears.

She curiously took two steps forward and saw Mo Heng’s back facing her. Because of the angle of the person standing in front of him, Ning Dai did not see him clearly.

In an instant, Ning Dai decided to hide her body behind the bushes beside her, listening attentively to the conversation over there.

“You have to do a good job this time. You have to deal with the issue of the boy’s parents behind him. You absolutely must not let anyone find any evidence. If necessary, it would be a good choice to let these parents accompany their child.”

Ning Dai was shocked. She immediately thought of the incident that happened in the Mo Corporation not long ago.

Why did a high school student sneak into the building when it opened? She and Mo Chen had many doubts in their hearts. It was actually Mo Heng’s doing?

During this period of time, Mo Heng had been managing the company. He had restrained the viciousness and killing intent in his bones, so much so that they had almost forgotten about Mo Heng’s background as an assassin.

He had never been easy to deal with.

The humility and courtesy he displayed was just a trick he used to confuse people.

Thinking of this, Ning Dai resisted all her impulses and continued to listen.

“You arrange for people to go down. Next, I’m going to short the accounts of the Mo Corporation. You’re responsible for finding the accounts. You must be careful in this matter. Don’t let the news get out.”

Mo Heng still had some arrangements for his subordinates. Ning Dai turned around and left quietly. She rushed back to the clinic and happened to see Mo Chen looking for her.

“Dai’er, where did you go? Your current body…” Before Mo Chen could finish speaking, Ning Dai grabbed Mo Chen’s hand and said anxiously:

“Second Brother, I met Mo Heng in the garden just now. I heard him say that he was going to short the accounts of the company. Moreover, he was the one who planned the incident of the high school student falling from the building.”

Ning Dai’s tone was very anxious, and her emotions seemed a little unstable. Mo Chen’s eyes instantly turned cold.

“Don’t bother about this matter. You’re pregnant now. The doctor said that your body is a little weak. Don’t worry too much. I’ll handle this matter.”

“No, you can’t directly shed all pretense of cordiality with Mo Heng. He has already built up his prestige and power in the company with the help of the previous incident.. If you fight him head-on now, you might not be able to gain any benefits.”

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