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Chapter 200: He Was Even More Cunning Than You Could Imagine

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Zhang Feng happened to be on a mission in A City. As soon as he landed, he found Ning Dai. “Long time no see.”

Seeing that his face was pale, Ning Dai immediately held his pulse and began to check it. She said in a serious tone, “Your illness is getting worse again. Can you slow down the training?”

Zhang Feng raised his eyebrows and objected half-jokingly, “Time in the army is life.”

His tone was so unyielding that there was no room for retreat.

Ning Dai did not ask any more questions. She let Zhang Feng lie down and take a deep breath. The silver needles quickly inserted into a few acupuncture points and rotated to adjust.

A bone-piercing pain spread from the tip of the needles to his entire body. Even though Zhang Feng had fought his way through the bullets, he was still trembling from the pain and his clothes were drenched in sweat.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhang Feng finally endured the intense pain. His consciousness was blurry as he was helped to wash off the cold sweat on his body. By the time he returned, his consciousness had already returned.

He tried to get up and move his limbs. He realized that the unspeakable dullness in his bones had dissipated quite a bit, and his eyes flashed with surprise.

Zhang Feng had originally only wanted to give Ning Dai a try, but now that his body was light and refreshing, he had no choice but to admit that Ning Dai really had a way to save him.

Ning Dai knew that he was stubborn. “The acupuncture technique I used on you is very strong. After the acupuncture, you can’t exercise intensely for three days. You have to agree to this. Let’s schedule another treatment session.”

“Another treatment session?” Zhang Feng’s movements froze on the spot. He thought that he had recovered completely.

“If this illness can really be cured so easily, how can there be such a high mortality rate?”

Ning Dai watched as his expression recovered. She didn’t know if she should ask him for clues regarding the mysterious man.

However, Zhang Feng could see her hesitation and directly exposed her favor.

“You’ve been investigating the mysterious man recently, right? I sent someone to follow him for a period of time, but I lost him. The last time I heard from him was in M Country, but without concrete evidence, it’s not good for us to extend our hand across the country.”

Ning Dai’s eyes lit up, and she received a call from Mo Chen.

“Our hacker sent us news. After the mysterious man left Sakura Island, he had information about purchasing tickets. However, he also purchased tickets in four directions, east, west, south, and north at the same time. He’s very cautious.”

“Is there any in M Country?”

“Yes,” Mo Chen said.

The two of them directly bought tickets to M Country. Using the reason of forming a group tour, they brought their subordinates to M Country first. After Mo Heng heard about it, he also wanted to participate.

“You guys don’t have the experience of dealing with him directly. It won’t work without my support. He’s more cunning than you guys think.”

The midsummer of M Country was bustling with noise and excitement. All kinds of concerts and anime exhibitions were everywhere. Their goal was the Annual Grass Music Festival. Mo Heng brought people with him at the border between the two countries.

Combining the information given by Zhang Feng, the ticket purchase records found by the hackers, and one of Mo Heng’s six existing aliases, a DJ, the group locked onto the mysterious person and arrived at M Country just in time for the music festival.

The sound from the venue was deafening. The balloons, LED support rods, and other items were all in place. Ning Dai and the rest were stuffed with support items as soon as they entered the room. Their gazes swept over every suspicious person.

A hand was placed on Ning Dai’s shoulder. She reacted quickly and pressed the person against the wall as she questioned coldly, “What do you want?”

The person cried out in pain. “I saw you holding my support and thought you were my fan who wanted to interact with me. I was too shy to come over.”

Ning Dai and Mo Chen looked at each other and confirmed that he was indeed the singer on the support badge before letting go.

“I’m sorry.”

Only then did the singer see Ning Dai’s exquisite facial features clearly, and his eyes lit up.

“Oh, my dear miss, your beautiful eyes seem to know how to speak. I left something at the hotel. Are you willing to accompany me back to get it?”

Ning Dai’s gaze met with Mo Chen who had rushed over, and she blinked innocently.

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