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Chapter 181: The Punishment Could Not Be Reduced

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Ning Dai did not expect that the imposter would personally come to pick her up after getting off the plane. She was forced to separate from Mo Chen early and was in a bad mood.

G was thinking about the wonderful time they had last time together. After not seeing Ning Dai for a few days, his entire body was exuding an impetuous violence. Only when he saw her did he half-jokingly complain.

“You’ve been away for too long, haven’t you? I missed you so much.”

Ning Dai pretended to be sleepy and closed her eyes by the window, pretending not to hear him.

G, who had been ignored, did not mind and continued to speak excitedly.

“You should rest first. I’ll personally welcome you back when we get back. Last time, you actually fainted, causing me to worry for a few days.”

Hearing this, Ning Dai rigidly pinched the inconspicuous earring on her earlobe. She only hoped that Mo Chen, who was in a noisy environment, had not heard this sentence. Otherwise, she would definitely be the one suffering from his jealousy.

However, sometimes, the more people did not want something to happen, the more certain things would definitely happen.

An almost inaudible cold snort came from the ear stud. Ning Dai felt that even though she was so far away, she could still feel the cold air coming from a certain someone. She wished that she could cover the fake’s mouth until he suffocated to death on the spot.

Fortunately, the fake was called away by the Mo family’s assistant, saying that there was a temporary problem that needed to be solved.

The moment she returned to the bedroom, Ning Dai called a certain vinegar vat with a strong desire to survive.


The call was quickly picked up, and a cold question came from the man, “You fainted?”

“Listen to my explanation, it’s not what you think!” Ning Dai explained listlessly.

“Come to the hacker’s secret room and explain yourself.” Mo Chen’s voice was still cold.

He followed them back?

Ning Dai’s heart skipped a beat. She was worried that he would be discovered, so she quickly rushed over and closed the door of the secret room.

“Why are you back? Didn’t you say that you would wait for me at the villa in the suburbs? What if someone finds out? It’s too dangerous.”

Mo Chen pinched the earring on her earlobe and said expressionlessly, “If I didn’t have the invisible communication device, would I have missed out on such a good show?”

“You’re too jealous, Second Brother.”

Ning Dai was helpless. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She opened the hacker’s computer in front of her and showed him the surveillance footage from the bedroom that day. “Take a look for yourself.”

Luckily, she had been prepared for this. She connected the hacker’s computer to the surveillance footage from the bedroom in advance and recorded the events of the past few days.

Mo Chen’s expression softened slightly, but he was still unhappy. He asked with a sullen face, “What right does he have to treat you as a fantasy object?”

Ning Dai felt like a kindergarten teacher trying to coax a child. She explained gently and patiently, but the child still refused to listen.

She could only lean into his arms and beg for mercy, acting coquettishly.

“I was about to fall apart because of you. My whole body is in pain. The wounds on your body have just started to scab. Don’t be rash.”

This was not an exaggeration, but she was really in pain.

The two of them were very indulgent on the yacht. On the return trip, apart from the breeze on the deck, they had been entangled on the bed to vent their longing and love. Their actions were rude and unrestrained.

Several parts of Ning Dai’s body were bruised and swollen. In order to avoid being discovered, she used a lot of concealers to barely cover them up.

“The punishment cannot be less.” Mo Chen’s deep gaze kept sizing her up.

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll accept whatever punishment Second Brother says.” Ning Dai sat on his body and buried her head into Mo Chen’s shoulders, indulging him as usual.

Mo Chen seemed to have been stumped by the punishment item. He swept his gaze across the table and fixed his gaze on the pen. With one hand, he took the pen and the other hand lifted up her pants. He lifted one of her legs and placed it on the table.

Ning Dai’s gaze was a little dull. “Second Brother, are you sure you want to play like this?”



As soon as she finished speaking, the ice-cold body of the pen pierced into her small acupuncture point.

The area that was not lubricated and expanded was dry. It was not smooth to enter. Ning Dai begged for help. “Second Brother, don’t do it.”

Her small acupuncture point opened and closed with difficulty as she swallowed the body of the pen. After eating a little, she could not eat any more. She looked extremely aggrieved and swollen.

Mo Chen stared intently at the flower core. His sexy Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he ordered in a low and hoarse voice, “Eat it.”

Ning Dai felt a strange sensation in her lower body. She felt an inexplicable sense of shame and excitement. However, in the next second, the pen body was pulled out, bringing with it some lewd water that had just seeped out.

A pair of slender fingers replaced it, quickly occupying the opening and closing of the small acupoint.

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