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Chapter 180: You’ve Become Bad

The footsteps outside the door did not disappear. Instead, they were walking back and forth on purpose.

Ning Dai resisted the urge to curse and bit her lower lip in pain. She suppressed the screams and moans that rushed to her throat.

Mo Chen sucked on the cherries on her breasts. He held her slender waist and sprinted forward. The boiling hot breath sprayed onto Ning Dai.

They had arrived, it was there!

Ning Dai opened her mouth wide to stop herself from screaming as a stream of hot liquid sprayed onto Mo Chen’s legs. Mo Chen fixed her waist to prevent her from falling off the single bed due to the intense orgasm.

After an orgasm, her body was exceptionally sensitive. Mo Chen had been holding back from ejaculating, lingering and tormenting her private parts.

Ning Dai’s voice carried the languid tone after s*x, as she chided him intermittently as he sprinted forward, “Second Brother, you’ve become bad.”

She grabbed onto his back in a daze due to her excitement. Her nails were almost embedded in his back. If she didn’t remember to avoid the injuries on his body, she would have wanted to give him a good spanking.

Mo Chen finally ejaculated hearing her voice. The gurgling liquid instantly squeezed into her body until her lower abdomen was slightly puffed up.

He pursed his lips. “You don’t want him to hear?”

His voice was very low, just like how he usually talked about serious matters. He didn’t seem to care much about the answer, but his deep gaze betrayed him.

Ning Dai held his earlobe and played with it. She said helplessly, “Second Brother, I don’t have the habit of allowing people who have feelings for me hear me, especially when he just saved my husband.”

‘Husband’ sounded very nice when she called it. A smile flashed across Mo Chen’s eyes. Ning Dai caught it. She resigned herself to fate and sighed, giving up all her principles.

She suddenly started to raise her voice, screaming and moaning until the footsteps outside the door gradually faded away.

Ning Dai thought to herself that if she had been a king in ancient times, she might not have been much more rational than Zhou Youwang.

When she met Mo Chen’s deep and dark gaze, she let out a sigh of relief and stopped, blocking his eyes in fear.

“Second Brother, I really can’t take it anymore. I’m going to be squeezed dry by you! My waist and legs will definitely be aching terribly tomorrow.”

Only then did Mo Chen raise his eyebrows regretfully. He adjusted his posture and hugged her to ensure that she wouldn’t fall off. He inadvertently changed the topic.

“When the volcano erupted, I heard the voice of the person who tied me up. It was very hoarse. His actions of fleeing in a panic revealed the red birthmark on his lower back. It was an irregular shape that was the size of a pinky finger.”

“Could it be the mastermind behind the scenes?” Ning Dai frowned.

“I’m not sure.”

Mo Chen narrowed his eyes and shook his head. If it was really the mastermind behind the scenes, did the other party think that they wouldn’t be able to catch him after being so arrogant?

Ning Dai brought up the matter of the twins. Mo Chen’s emotions didn’t fluctuate when she mentioned that he was the mastermind behind the Mo family. He only spoke.

“After we return, we’ll monitor the imposter openly and secretly. No matter what, the people who trapped me will definitely send people to check if I managed to escape successfully. Before the other party is on guard, we’ll first find out their purpose.”

“Alright, let’s sleep first.”

As long as the two of them were together, there was nothing that could not be resolved.

The next day, they sat on the deck and looked at the sky filled with volcanic clouds. The fiery red clouds turned from ominous to terrifying beauty. Ning Dai believed that it was probably because the people around her had returned.

When Mo Chen saw the smile on her lips, he curled his lips and wrapped a blanket around her,

“Once we’ve seen enough, we’ll return to the cabin. It’s cold outside.”

“Not enough, not enough.” Ning Dai stared at him, the smile in her eyes overflowing.

Ever since they woke up and heard that Zhang Feng had left on the rescue ship overnight, the two of them had become even more unbridled and sticky. After returning, they could no longer be together from time to time. They were even more attached to each other at this moment..

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