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Chapter 179: Why Do I Like You So Much

After a late and intense s*xual encounter, Mo Chen lowered his gaze and started kissing Ning Dai’s sensitive earlobe from her cheek.

His warm breath sprayed onto Ning Dai’s earlobe, causing it to itch so badly that it trembled.

“Zhang Feng confessed to you again?”

Mo Chen recalled Zhang Feng’s hostile gaze when he first boarded the ship. He didn’t need to guess what had happened, but he didn’t say anything due to the other party’s help.

Ning Dai’s lips covered his Adam’s apple as she smiled happily.

“Second Brother, are you jealous?”

“So what if I am?” Mo Chen thought of his words of owing Ning Dai a favor. He could not help but mind.

Ning Dai laughed happily and briefly told him about what had happened that night. Her warm breath carried an itch that could not be ignored.

“Second Brother, why do I like you so much?”

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a chill between her legs. The thick, dangerous liquid that had been soaked by saliva and love liquid pressed against the opening of her acupuncture point.

Ning Dai’s voice stopped, and the unbearable itch between her legs once again swept through her entire body. Mo Chen slowly and methodically controlled the thick, rough rubbing against her. He could feel the moisture spreading from the opening of the acupuncture point, and lust spread throughout their bodies from there.

“We were already very impudent just now. Second Brother, you’re still running a fever.”

Ning Dai struggled without being serious as she let out a low moan.

“I’m already sweating. I don’t have a fever anymore.”

Mo Chen held onto her little hand and placed it on his forehead. His lips and tongue continued to move towards the familiar places that he had missed for a long time.

His hand started to caress her waist to her sensitive inner thighs before moving down to her cl*toris.

“It doesn’t seem to be burning.” Ning Dai’s words were interrupted by his kiss, and her entire body went limp due to the pleasure that followed.

She couldn’t help but bite her lips, suppressing the rare desire to moan as she seemed to be listening to the heavy footsteps outside.

Other than Zhang Feng, Ning Dai couldn’t think of anyone else who would deliberately create such a ruckus. She didn’t want him to rush in and see.

However, Mo Chen did not think that way. He rubbed his cl*toris and inserted his fingers into her red and swollen little acupoint to seduce her g-spot. He quickly inserted his fingers into her g-spot, and the movements of his lips and tongue in front of her chest intensified.

Ning Dai, who was completely unprepared, trembled because of his sudden movements. When she met Mo Chen’s gaze, she felt that this pair of eyes, which were usually cold and indifferent, were extremely erotic.

Her brain went numb at the first moment. The intense pleasure made her bite her lips tightly. Only then did she not cry out, and she did not glare at him with a serious expression.

However, in Mo Chen’s eyes, this sticky gaze was no different from seduction.

His hands pried open her fair and tender buttocks and inserted the already swollen and thick buttocks into her sore and soft acupoints. Immediately, her small acupoints wanted to reject but were also welcomed to suck on them.

Mo Chen straightened his back and entered her passageway bit by bit.

Ning Dai felt her soul almost rush out of her body. She held his head with both hands and grabbed onto his hair. She was practically gasping, “To the right… Yes, a little harder…”

The ambiguous voice sounded as if it was floating on the clouds. Mo Chen did not care about the d*mnable person outside the door and continued to stab deeper.

There was someone listening outside the door. She should not be so happy.

She originally thought that she would not be nervous, but in reality, Ning Dai’s nerves had never relaxed from the beginning to the end. However, the stimulation that she had never experienced before washed over her weak nerves. She closed her eyes and immersed herself in the s*x.

When Mo Chen pressed on a protruding point, Ning Dai could not help but let out a sob-like moan. One could not tell if it was joy or pain on her small face..

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