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Chapter 178: Body Too Ugly. I’m Afraid I’ll Scare You

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After the doctor left, Ning Dai took the ointment and applied it on Mo Chen. When she touched the gaping wounds, her hands could not help but tremble.

The scars from the iron chains, the flesh and blood that he had bitten himself, the bones and blood that the birds of prey had pecked at, and the skin that the fishes had bitten, there was not a single piece of untouched skin on Mo Chen’s body.

When Ning Dai saw this, other than the pain in her heart, she felt a deep hatred. She had to make the mastermind pay back tenfold!

Mo Chen held onto her face and kissed away her tears. His deep voice was filled with happiness.

“With a beautiful lady at home, how could I bear to leave? I’ve always remembered that you said to wait for me. It’s just that my current body is too ugly. I was afraid of scaring you.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Ning Dai controlled her emotions and applied all the medicine on him. She did not dare to look at him again, as the pain was worse than her torture.

“Rest early. The doctor said that your wound is inflamed and you have been running a fever.”

“Yes,” Mo Chen replied casually. However, he did not even want to close his eyes. He used his gaze to trace her outline inch by inch.

The two of them had been separated for half a month. Just now, they were almost separated by life and death. Their emotions were so fluctuating that they could not fall asleep at all.

Ning Dai was the same. After seeing his wound, it was not difficult to imagine how difficult it was for him to escape. Her fingertips gently caressed the edge of the wound, and her eyes were as red as a rabbit’s.

However, the more her fingertips touched his skin, the more the taste changed. Waves of heat surged up from Ning Dai’s chest, and she couldn’t control herself as she stuck out her tongue to lick his skin.

Mo Chen immediately thought of the countless good things that had happened between the two of them. Thinking about it carefully, the last time they had s*x was in the tent in S City last month.

The skin that was caressed by the tip of her tongue and her fingertips felt like it was on fire. His breathing became heavier and heavier, and his hands moved up from Ning Dai’s waist, pinching her soft, white, and tender pair of rabbits.

Ning Dai could not help but let out a cry of surprise as she let out a low moan, causing the pair of hands in front of her chest to become even more unbridled and heavy. The entanglement between her lips and tongue also became deeper and deeper. The air was so hot and humid that it could ignite a person.

Relying on her last shred of rationality, Ning Dai pushed him away and rejected him with a sticky voice. “You still have injuries on your body that are healing. It will be troublesome if you open them again.”

“It’s alright.”

Mo Chen did not want to control himself. The longing and love that filled his chest prevented him from feeling the pain on his body.

He reached out and scooped her back. He swiftly stripped her of her clothes and changed into a series of warm kisses.

His kisses were not strong, but his attitude was very firm. In just two or three kisses, Ning Dai had lost her rationality. She could only hear her own frantic heartbeat.

However, Mo Chen still pretended to be polite and polite. He kissed her beautiful eyes and asked, “Can I?”

Ning Dai raised her head in a daze. When she met his gaze, she was absent-minded.

Mo Chen’s usually calm gaze became unusually intense, as if he wanted to devour her. Then, without giving her any time to prepare, he flipped her under his body. His intense kiss brought Ning Dai into an intense desire whirlpool.

The experience of losing and gaining again made their kiss become fierce, so hot that it almost suffocated the two of them.

Before their consciousness became chaotic, their lips and tongues were already entangled together, like wild beasts crazily exchanging saliva in their mouths. The whimpering and low moans by their ears were the only things that existed in the dark night.

Their breathing was rapid and irregular, as though they were fighting against each other. They found a precious and loving attachment.

Their eyes were blurred, their lips were red and swollen, their will and emotions were in a mess, and their sanity was crumbling, leaving only the figures tangled together.

And the wanton screams, groans, gasps, and sounds of flesh colliding from their mouths.

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