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Chapter 177: I Owe Ning Dai a Favor

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“Are you threatening me?”

Zhang Feng panted heavily as he stared at Ning Dai. He had indeed always had COPD. All these years, he had been receiving treatment, and the effects were average.

Ning Dai shook her head. “I just don’t want you to waste your energy on someone who’s impossible. I have a way to cure COPD, and it won’t interfere with your daily training.”

COPD itself could be treated, but a long recovery period would definitely delay his daily training and even require him to retire. In other words, Zhang Feng had to choose between military life and rehabilitation.

It was obvious that Zhang Feng’s current physical condition had already shown that this patient with low compliance would rather be maimed to death than give up military life.

His feelings for his army were deeper than ordinary people could imagine.

However, she could cure him without delaying his military life.

Zhang Feng’s eyes flashed with excitement. He calmed down and asked in return, “The condition is that I return to a brother’s position?”

Ning Dai tacitly agreed and did not speak again.

“You’re very smart.” Zhang Feng sighed and compromised.

No one noticed that a pair of slender hands had reached out from the lifeboat that had not been put away by the yacht. A moment later, the owner of those hands grabbed the side of the boat and flipped over to lie down.

The sorry state he was in did not extinguish the intense light of survival in his eyes. His tattered clothes were stained with blood and the wounds that had been soaked until they were white. His strong features were still eye-catching under the gray moonlight.

If anyone came out, they would definitely realize that this was the Mo Chen that everyone had been searching for but thought was dead!

Before the volcano erupted, he had already discovered the abnormality of the fish and birds on the isolated island. Naturally, the mysterious person who had bound there him had also discovered it.

The mysterious person used the chains to trap him on the spot before escaping at high speed, leaving behind a sentence with unclear meaning, “If you have the ability to leave this place alive, we will have the chance to meet again.”

Mo Chen did his best to bite through his own flesh and blood, attracting a few fleeing birds of prey. After luring them to break the chains, he rode on them and hitched a ride.

The wild birds of prey could not shake off Mo Chen. Seeing that the volcano was about to erupt, they could only angrily bring this burden away from the isolated island and jump into the sea.

They planned to tear him apart and eat him in the sea. They did not expect this cunning human to take advantage of the chaos and flee into a school of fish.

The next thing was the volcano eruption. Mo Chen tried his best to swim out.

Finally, when he was about to run out of strength, he saw the sign of the rescue ship and heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo Chen rested for half an hour and recovered some of his strength. He climbed onto the yacht along the rescue ship and was rescued by the people on night watch.

The people on night watch hurriedly reported to Zhang Feng. Ning Dai could not believe it and rushed out in panic. When she saw the embarrassed man in the night, she held back the tears that she had held back for a few days.

Mo Chen guessed that the rescue ship was related to Ning Dai. He did not expect her to rush over personally. He could not help but blame himself as she was hugging him.

“Nonsense. It’s so dangerous and you’re here personally?”

Ning Dai’s response was a messy kiss with tears in her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to eat him alive. She repeatedly confirmed that he had really escaped.

After being interrupted by her, Mo Chen’s heart softened and he patted her back gently.

“It’s alright, I’m standing in front of you. For you, I won’t die so easily.”

Ning Dai suddenly slapped Mo Chen’s chest and scolded him angrily. “Don’t say that word.”

She was almost scared to death. This man was not careful at all.

Mo Chen gently touched her cheek and nodded his head in gratitude to Zhang Feng, who had just stepped out of the cabin.

“You’ve worked hard. I’ll remember this favor. If you need help in the future, feel free to ask.”

“Ning Dai will return my favor.” Zhang Feng thought of the rejection just now and spoke with a sarcastic tone.

No matter what, it was a good thing that the person was saved. He asked someone to bring Mo Chen to clean up the mess he was in and asked the accompanying doctor to check and apply the medicine.

Ning Dai was afraid that if Mo Chen left her line of sight, the miser of death would stand behind Mo Chen..

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