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Chapter 174: Your Brother Knows To Break Three of Your Legs

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When G received the message, killing intent flashed in his eyes. If he had known that Golden Dragon was so troublesome, he would have found an opportunity to kill him.

Unfortunately, he still had no clue about the matter he wanted to investigate. He could not stop halfway, let alone finish it. After hesitating, G contacted the mysterious person and wanted him to help solve Golden Dragon so that he would have less personal guidance to interfere with his progress.

However, he did not receive any reply from the mysterious man. Even though G had used other methods to contact him, there was still no reply. A bad premonition suddenly rose in his heart.

Golden Dragon did not receive any reply from him, so he simply ordered people to threaten him from time to time. Since G did not receive any reply from the mysterious man, he could only follow the instructions given by Golden Dragon no matter how impatient he was. He also decided that he would not look for the mad dog to cooperate with him next time.

The matter with the Mo family had come to an end. He estimated that Ning Dai’s period had also passed. Tonight, G had specially washed up before Ning Dai, so he came out to hug her from behind when she was not paying attention.

The warm water vapor rubbed against her body, and a strange sense of satisfaction and joy welled up in G’s heart. He ignored this strange feeling and lowered his voice to hint, “Your period has ended?”

Ning Dai had been studying the art in silence for the past few days, so she had long forgotten about this matter. He had mentioned it out of the blue, and she had not been able to react in time. Another needle technique mentioned in the ancient books flashed through her mind crazily. She looked calm and nodded with a smile.

“Yes, but I have a good suggestion to add some excitement to it.”

G did not notice anything unusual. Instead, he had even greater expectations. As expected of a woman who could play with others on the shooting range. She knew how to be flirtatious.

Ning Dai took out a silver needle from her sleeve and inserted it into the neurons in G’s head, Ju, Mi, and Shan. The depth of the silver needle into the flesh was precisely grasped. G subconsciously wanted to resist. His gaze was fierce, but when he thought of his current identity, he forcefully gritted his teeth and did not move.

Then, the place where he was pierced by the silver needle began to heat up. The neurons began to transmit ambiguous signals. The area below his lower abdomen began to heat up. Something was wrong with his entire body.

Ning Dai gently coaxed him. Her warm and soft little hands moved around his body. “Do whatever you want to do. Tonight, I’m yours.”

G heard her voice as if it was in his ear, but also as if it was in the horizon. He felt half-asleep and half-awake.

In his eyes, Ning Dai began to take off her clothes to release the pair of round white rabbits on her chest. He stared at her in disbelief. The tip of his tongue began to dry up, and his throat began to feel dry.

The heat in his body was unbearable for G. He inserted his fingers roughly into her hair and pinned her down. “Continue with the shooting range. I didn’t finish it that day.”

Ning Dai, who was watching from the side, watched coldly as the man curled up at the foot of the bed, his face flushed with lust. She pursed her lips in disgust. “You want me to do it with just you? Does your brother know not to break your three legs?”

Under G’s fantasizing eyes, Ning Dai’s delicate face turned red as he kneaded her fiercely. His tongue licked his ear and collarbone all the way down. Her hands and feet were kneading his genitals. It was even s*xier than he had imagined.

He did not have the patience to wait for her foreplay to end. He grabbed her impatiently and impatiently and nailed her under his body. He moved wildly, enjoying the pleasure of penetrating her and conquering her. The tightness of his lower body and the woman’s scream stimulated him to become more excited.

Ning Dai’s taste was better than he imagined. G was satisfied and immersed in his fantasy, torturing her brutally.

Her hoarse and weak begging seemed to be the most beautiful voice in the world. Her soft and white body was the most fun toy, making G immersed in it and unable to stop.

In reality, Ning Dai’s patience was slowly slipping away. Her fists felt itchy. She rolled her eyes and took out a few silver needles to perform the ‘truth-telling’ acupuncture technique.

After carefully inserting the acupuncture points, she clenched her fists and took a deep breath. “Where did Mo Chen go?”

G was still immersed in the fantasy of desire, his voice was full of s*xual panting.

“Sakura Island.”

What was that place?

Ning Dai frowned and continued to ask, “What is your goal?

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