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Chapter 166: The Highest Record

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Benjamin raised his hand and pressed down. The banquet immediately fell silent.

He smiled and said, “Thank you all for coming and your love and dedication. This banquet is not only for public welfare, but also to announce an important event in public.”

The guests below the stage were all discussing. The big event of Group A would definitely affect the entire circle, but they did not even invite the media. What was it?

While everyone was making all sorts of guesses, Benjamin suddenly made a ‘please’ gesture to the crowd below the stage. “Welcome to the real boss behind Group A. Please come up and greet everyone.”

His words were like water being poured into a pot of oil, and the crowd immediately boiled. Everyone’s eyes were all stretched wide open to size him up.

Everyone knew that Group A was the top of the business world, but the boss behind the scenes was mysterious and focused on privacy, never appearing in public. What kind of luck was it today to meet the president of Group A, and even meet the behind-the-scenes boss!?

An Zhenguo also straightened his back and looked serious. His eyes were filled with respect. No matter who it was, whoever created such a top-notch financial group was an amazing person.

If it was someone he could make friends with tonight, it would really be a blessing that had been sought after for eight lifetimes.

It was not until Ning Dai stood up and walked up to the stage that the dinner seemed to have been paused by someone. Some people were stunned, while others gasped. All of them couldn’t control their shocked expressions and couldn’t believe it.

An Zhenguo’s face was ashen and he almost fainted on the spot. He stared at the stage with wide eyes and grabbed his assistant’s hand with trembling hands. “Who is that?”

When Xiao Wang saw Ning Dai, he knew that the An family was really finished, but he still thought that it was a fluke. With a stiff smile, he said, “President Ning. Everyone knows that the Ning family is working with Group A. Maybe he is asking her to welcome the boss onto the stage?”

However, after waiting for a few minutes, there was no one else who went on stage. Benjamin was the first to applaud and welcome her. Everyone returned to their senses and clapped as well, looking at Ning Dai on stage in shock.

An Zhenguo and his assistant were depressed and speechless. Ning Dai was the mysterious boss of Group A? Was she crazy? Hiding such a big identity and hiding in the Ning family?

No matter what happened below the stage, Ning Dai greeted everyone elegantly and slowly looked at An Zhenguo’s pale face. She curled her lips and said, “Group A’s achievements today are due to the spring breeze of a good era. We cannot do without your help. From now on, please give us your guidance.”

An Zhenguo did not hear what she said after that. His mind was buzzing with Ning Dai’s words during the auction.

She did it on purpose. She must have done it on purpose!

An Zhenguo could not catch his breath. He was so angry that he fainted on the spot. He was foaming at the mouth, and the veins on his neck were throbbing.

The assistant panicked and hurriedly called 120 for people to send the old man to the hospital.

After one night, the news that the boss of Group A was the young miss of the Ning family exploded in all directions.

Those who wanted to buy the Ning family after the bankruptcy weakened them no longer made a sound.

Ning Dai originally wanted to return the favor and learn from the An family. She wanted to spend money to take back all the properties that the Ning family had lost, and take advantage of the victory to expand the offensive and conquer the An family.

However, she felt that this was no different from them, so she was very disdainful.

The Ning family’s home appliances that the An family had annexed did not do nothing. The entire R&D Department was not taken down by the An family’s fierce attack. Instead, they collectively volunteered to work overtime for a month to develop a higher-performance smart home appliance system. After doing sufficient market research, they quickly put it into use, and it received unanimous praise.

Ning Dai filled in a handful of funds to support, and Ning family appliances very well seized the opportunity to launch a promotional campaign. This not only saved themselves, but also set a record for sales..

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