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Chapter 165: She Did It On Purpose

In the next few days, An Zhenguo crazily snatched the Ning family’s recent list like a mad dog. He didn’t care even if he lost money.

The villains who were waiting for an opportunity were happy to watch the two families fight and benefit themselves. The people in the circle who were watching the show were all shocked by this scene. They all guessed that the An family was going to force the Ning family to go bankrupt.

In just a short week, the Ning family’s household appliances and cosmetics brands were suppressed by the An family until they could not breathe. They could only do their best to protect the luxury goods and real estate brands and reduce their losses.

Ning Dai opened the stock market and saw that the Ning family’s stock was indeed floating green. It had fallen pitifully.

The An family had invested a lot of capital. If Grandfather had a way, he would not have been forced to retreat step by step and fall into a difficult situation. Now, everyone thought that the Ning family would not be able to survive until the end of the month.

Ning Dai came out of the study room and called Benjamin. Her voice was cold. “Tomorrow, the charity banquet will be held in the name of Group A. You will attend it in person.”

Benjamin immediately understood what she meant. “Boss, I understand.”

The banquet had invited influential people in the circle. Everyone knew that the president of Group A was going to attend it in person. Many people would kill for an invitation letter.

Who wouldn’t want to ride on the wind of a big corporation? Even if it was a soup that leaked out from a ladle, it was enough to save people from struggling for decades. Even if they couldn’t be linked to Group A, it wasn’t easy for the big shots who could enter the banquet to gain a sense of presence.

The guests at the banquet were even more dazzling than the performers. As an international corporation, the An family naturally participated.

When a custom-made mechanical watch appeared in the auction, An Zhenguo was interested and raised his paddle.

The host excitedly stirred up the atmosphere. “President An has bid eight million. It seems like he really likes it.”

The An family was worried about losing face when they saw something they liked. Moreover, everyone had seen the An family’s recent behavior, so no one wanted to spoil the mood.

However, someone didn’t notice and immediately followed up with a bid. “Ten million.”

“President Ning has bid ten million. How generous.”

An Zhenguo sneered. The little girl simply could not keep her cool. “Fifteen million.”

Without waiting for the host to shout, Ning Dai lazily followed up. “Twenty million.”

An Zhenguo was not willing to admit defeat. “Thirty million!”

“Fifty million.” Ning Dai did not care. After all, it was organized by Group A. Even if she bid one hundred million, she did not need to pay a single cent.

Actually, those with brains knew that there was no need to raise the price at this time. After all, it was just a watch. No matter how much the premium was, it would not reach this level.

However, An Zhenguo did not want to lose face in front of Ning Dai. If it were anyone else, he would have given up a long time ago. However, Ning Dai insisted on stepping in, so he refused to give up. He coldly raised the price. “80 million!”

Through the crowd, Ning Dai and An Zhenguo looked at each other. With a complicated smile on her face, she said, “Since President An wants it so much, as a junior, I can only give up my love. After all, in a few days, President An might only be able to look at this watch and miss today’s dinner party.”

As the host knocked on the gavel, An Zhenguo successfully bid for the mechanical watch. However, Ning Dai’s words made him feel that something was wrong.

However, on second thought, perhaps it was the last time she was arrogant before the Ning family went bankrupt. An Zhenguo said disdainfully, “The wheel of fortune has turned. Perhaps this is the last time President Ning will participate in the auction with her current status.”

Ning Dai only smiled and didn’t say anything. She was deliberately raising the price to make the An family bleed. Mo Chen looked at her and smiled. “Naughty.”

The charity auction ended. The guests had more or less auctioned off some good items, and the atmosphere was warm.

When the host warmly welcomed the president of Group A, Benjamin, to make his concluding remarks, the applause reached an unprecedented intensity..

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