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Chapter 163: How About Right Here

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After all, Soldier King Zhang Feng had a high status and had many things to do. Before leaving, he instructed people to take good care of Ning Dai and her husband.

Ning Dai and Mo Chen watched the army training. During this period, she became extremely interested in shooting and pestered him to teach her.

“I want to increase my self-defense ability, and the shooting is so cool.” Ning Dai took out the pocket-sized pistol that Zhang Feng gave her from her belt and held it happily. “It’s safer to use it for self-defense.”

Mo Chen brought her to the shooting range and taught her carefully. “You don’t have the foundation. First, learn how to sidestep at close range without relying on your arms.”

Initially, Ning Dai was worried that she would be laughed at by others because of the training, but she realized that there was no one training at the shooting range. The two of them reserved the entire range for training.

Mo Chen circled her from behind and turned to the right. He took her left foot and stepped forward. He adjusted the position of holding the gun properly and used his lumbar vertebrae as the axis to move his arms horizontally.

Ning Dai maintained this position for about ten minutes. Her waist and arms started to ache slightly.

Her charming little face started to sweat profusely, but it was still strong. There seemed to be a strong force in her body that could not be dispersed no matter how hard she tried.

It was undeniable that Mo Chen liked her confidence and calmness. However, he still felt sorry for her as he looked at her. “There are two types of aim: precision and generality. It’s very important to have a general aim at close range. Adjust the position and focus your energy.”

Mo Chen helped her adjust her head and arm posture. Ning Dai tilted her head and saw his side profile that was bursting with hormones. She couldn’t help but lick it from the bottom up. “Second Brother, you’re so charming.”

Her ending voice rose and she sounded extremely happy.

The man’s broad face was clearly defined. His professional and serious appearance was filled with charm, causing her heart to suddenly beat faster.

Mo Chen lowered his eyes when he heard this. He realized that the excited little woman in his arms was blushing and her eyes were bright. After a moment of silence, he suddenly carried the woman in his arms and walked towards the tent. “Let’s go to school another day.”

Ning Dai cried out in surprise and did not stay still in his arms. She kissed him so passionately and skillfully that his entire body was burning. She excitedly bit and kneaded him.

She leaned into his arms comfortably, but there was a strange sense of excitement. “Second Brother, how about we just stay here?”

Right in this icy cold arena that was filled with smoke and gunpowder, countless people had left traces of them in the places where their targets were sweating profusely.

Mo Chen subconsciously wanted to reject her. Even though he had retired from the military for ten years, he still had a solemn and respectful feeling towards the training grounds.

His hesitation had increased the sense of guilt in Ning Dai’s heart, causing her to feel even more excited. She simply extended her fingertip and placed it on his exposed forearm, gently caressing his skin.

Ning Dai’s soft pleas almost shattered Mo Chen’s guard. His muscles tensed up where she had touched him. His voice was low and hoarse as he replied in a casual manner, “Someone will come in.”

Wouldn’t that be more exciting?

Ning Dai pulled him towards the storage room where the spare targets were kept. She reached out and touched his lower body. When she touched the bulge, she smiled happily. “Second Brother, you have an erection.”

Mo Chen closed the door. The pitch-black area was filled with unconcealed desire. When he opened his mouth, his rapid breathing was exposed. “Shut up.”

Ning Dai fumbled and removed his shirt. She stood on her tiptoes and held his lips and tongue in her mouth. Her low breathing intertwined with his, causing the air to become moist and hot.

When Mo Chen took off her clothes, she leaned close to the tip of his ear. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her warm breath blew against his fragile cochlea. “Next time you want me to shut up, just kiss me directly.”

The darkness could not hide the light in her eyes, but Mo Chen’s kiss could.. The continuous kisses landed on her eyelids, shocking her to the point that her eyelashes were dancing like butterflies.

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