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Chapter 162: A Little Faster

The banquet was still in full swing. Zhang Feng took advantage of the time when Ning Dai went to the bathroom to signal to Zhou Feng and the officer with his eyes. The two of them toasted from the surroundings to Mo Chen. From this cooperation to the life in the military camp, they started from a simple but deep conversation, continuously using wine to chat.

Mo Chen raised his eyebrows to cooperate, to see what kind of tricks they were up to.

When Ning Dai came out to touch up her makeup, Zhang Feng’s eyes lit up, and he smiled as he welcomed her. “Miss Ning is even more beautiful than usual today.”

Ning Dai’s mind went blank. Her face was full of smiles, but she was cursing in her heart. Did Zhang Feng not want to hide or would he not hide?

Zhang Feng did not notice the change in her expression. He took off his coat and showed off his majestic muscles like a peacock, showing off intentionally.

This kind of elementary school chicken-level seduction made Ning Dai stifle her laughter painfully. She barely maintained her elegant appearance. “Thank you for the compliment.”

“Brother Mo’s ability as a legendary character is indeed top-notch. Many of the records that he set up have yet to be broken. However, it’s also because he’s a professional leader that I haven’t heard much about him being stationed in the training grounds.” Zhang Feng was still trying to show off using his unskilled methods.

Ning Dai’s shoulders trembled as she threw herself into Mo Chen’s embrace. She buried her face for a few seconds to adjust her expression, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold back her laughter. Then, she pulled his hand and walked towards Zhang Feng. “Don’t talk later.”

“Huh?” Mo Chen was in a good mood when he saw her stifled expression. He was ready to watch the show.

The two of them stood in front of Zhang Feng. Ning Dai suddenly saluted Zhang Feng in a serious manner. “Comrade Zhang Feng, thank you for your appreciation and love for me. However, my husband and I are very in love. We will definitely be together for the rest of our lives.”

Her voice was not soft. After attracting everyone’s attention, she suddenly changed the topic. “As for the body problem that you mentioned…”

She paused for a moment and searched Mo Chen’s chest muscles in front of everyone, smiling with satisfaction. “I like this type of person who doesn’t exaggerate. If you don’t mind, I’ll acknowledge you as my big brother. In the future, if I meet a beautiful and suitable beauty, I’ll definitely woo her back home to be a sister-in-law.”

Mo Chen lowered his eyes and watched her openly respond to other people’s advances, his gaze gentle.

This half-joking rejection also gave Zhang Feng enough face. He was also a straightforward person. If he liked her, he would pursue her. However, if others didn’t like him, he wouldn’t pester her. Ning Dai’s straightforwardness was also in line with his personality.

Zhang Feng laughed heartily and took out a portable pistol from his waist. “In the future, Sister can also look for Brother directly when she is in trouble. I did not prepare in a hurry. Take this as your wedding gift.”

Ning Dai really had not thought about this. She held the portable pistol in her hand and her eyes lit up. “Is it suitable for me to take it?”

“How is it not suitable? I’ll take it as a gift from Brother.” At this point, Zhang Feng was actually more open-minded. “Brother Mo and Sister-in-law have a good relationship with each other. I’m relieved.”

Now that everyone at the banquet was on the same side, the friendly cheers continued. “Sister-in-law, Brother, kiss, kiss!”

Zhang Feng glared at them but no one paid any attention to him. Instead, it was Ning Dai who clung onto Mo Chen and gave him a hot, wet kiss, causing the cheers to become even more intense.

“Send them to the bridal chamber.”

Mo Chen’s heart was already in chaos from being teased. Following the cheers, he carried her horizontally and walked towards the tent.

He had already endured it for a few days. Today, his heart had turned soft after being teased by Ning Dai. He wanted nothing more than to ruthlessly penetrate her body and never leave her for the rest of his life.

Ning Dai was pulled into a state of lust by him. Her voice was light and trembling as she teased, “Second Brother, you’ve finally broken your precepts. I’ve missed you for a long time.”

Mo Chen did not reply. However, he remembered what she had said a few days ago about wanting him to be rough with her. Hence, he did not hide his boundless desire. He raised his hand and slapped her butt before turning around and gently placing her on the bed.

This time, the desire was fierce and intense. There was almost no extra foreplay. The two of them went straight to the point.

“Hah… Faster, harder…” Ning Dai’s legs were placed on Mo Chen’s shoulders. Her entire body was knocked backward with great force. However, the space in the tent was limited, and her body was almost broken into two halves.

After a satisfying s*x session, Ning Dai found a comfortable position in Mo Chen’s embrace and arched her body.

All night, Mo Chen really realized that a trained wife will add to the number of s*xual surprises. How satisfying..

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