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Chapter 160: Either She Dies Or I Die

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Returning to his tent, Zhang Feng thought of what his ancestors had said: “A fair lady is a good match for a gentleman.” How many men could watch that scene without being struck by Ning Dai’s feminine charm, not to mention her charming and beautiful eyes?

After a night of fantasy and unspeakable erotic dreams, Zhang Feng had the intention of poaching her.

The woman in his dream last night was even more seductive than the shadow on the tent, going straight to his heart. It was the first time in his life that Zhang Feng had such a strong desire and jealousy.

The next day, Zhang Feng promised to do his best to help Mo Chen find clues and let the two stay in the camp. In fact, he secretly swore in his heart that he would get Ning Dai.

Somewhere in S City, Golden Dragon was leisurely making tea. Someone beside him reported nervously, “Yesterday, some brothers saw Mo Chen and Ning Dai come to S City. Not only did they go to the Zamen Sect, but they also entered the military camp and didn’t come out for two days. This morning, someone saw them entering and leaving with an officer.”

Golden Dragon’s hand that was pouring the tea paused. “How can they be fine after entering the military camp?”

His expression didn’t change. On the contrary, the person who reported was trembling so much that he almost knelt down. “It looks like the military base is under strict inspection. The brothers didn’t dare to act rashly. I don’t know what happened to them inside.”

Golden Dragon’s boiling hot tea was directly thrown over. His face was full of hostility. “Trash, get lost.”

His face was dark and he did not say anything. Golden Dragon obviously knew the background of the Zamen Sect, which was why he was even more worried. Zhang Feng had come. Logically speaking, he should have helped him get rid of those two scourges, but…

Golden Dragon could not help but suspect that Zhang Feng had betrayed them. However, the Soldier King was an important figure in the military. Tens of thousands of eyes were staring at him. He could not move and was even more uneasy.

The good-for-nothing who had not rolled away was used to speculating about Golden Dragon. He quickly suggested, “Boss, why don’t we think of a way to distract them and do something to the herbal field?”

Golden Dragon, who had been watching them, naturally knew that Ning Dai had secretly thrown the An siblings into the herbal field to work as laborers. He did not think that the two good-for-nothings were useful before, but now they seemed to be two useful chess pieces.

Ning Dai did not have the time to care about the two ants. It was a good time to stir up trouble.

Golden Dragon thought for a moment and nodded. “Do it cleanly.”


During lunch break, someone had sprayed a large area of flammable pesticides on the workers’ dormitory. However, the wind did not stop blowing. The fire was fierce, and it quickly burned the people and the farmland clean.

Almost everyone had choked to death from the smoke. By the time they struggled to escape, they had already lost their strength. The unpleasant smell and the intense smoke had cruelly taken the lives of the entire herbal field.

Only the gatekeeper at the entrance was lucky enough to escape. However, after inhaling too much smoke, he fell into a coma and was sent to the hospital.

Half an hour after the fire burned, someone secretly found the An siblings’ bodies and used their bloodstains to write ‘grasshoppers after autumn’ on them. They then took a picture in the raging fire as a memento.

Two hours later, a photo album was express sent to the An family from the herbal field.

An Zhenguo saw the tragic scene in the photo and fainted on the spot. When he woke up again, he was already in the hospital.

Xiao Wang reported the progress with red eyes. “Master, I’m sorry for your loss. Our people have already brought Young Master and Young Miss home.”

An Zhenguo almost fainted again. He stared at the bloodstains of the ‘grasshopper after autumn.’ His eyes were bloodshot. “Ning Dai is too much of a bully. I want her to be buried with Ah Yin and Ah Xu. Get someone to find evidence immediately. Either she spends the rest of her life in prison, or I’ll kill her myself.”

Far away in S City, Ning Dai sneezed. She did not know who had such deep resentment. She frowned and rubbed her nose. “Who scolded me?”

Zhang Feng brought Zhou Feng and the officers over and teased half-jokingly, “Who would be willing to scold a beauty? Someone must miss you..”

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